Despite $1.5 Billion Fortune and 2 Kids, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Wife Believes She Hit the Jackpot for an Entirely Different Reason

It won’t be an overstatement to say that Lauren Hashian may be the luckiest person on this planet. A handsome and loving husband like Dwayne Johnson, an empire worth billions, and two adorable kids. What more could a human being ask for?

However, no matter how much fortune a person possesses, nothing/no one completes a life like a mother. This year on Sunday, May 14, the world celebrated Mother’s Day. People all around the world celebrated this special occasion by paying tribute to their beloved mothers.

Lauren Hashian also celebrated the special day in her own way. Let’s dive deep and find out how she spent the day.

Like millions of people, the 38-year-old star also celebrated the auspicious day with her mother(-in-law), Ata Johnson. She shared an Instagram story on her official account where she gave her fans a sneak peek of the day. In her IG story, fans can see her and her mother-in-law having a jolly time.

She captioned her story, “And I hit the bonus mama jackpot with this one! She is pure love and joy. Happy Mother’s Day ATA!!” From the story, we can clearly picture that both the ladies had a blast celebrating the day. A little more insight from Johnson’s post reveals that the ladies enjoyed a relaxing spa day and dance night.

Just like his wife, ‘The Rock’ also expressed his gratitude to his mother. On Instagram, he shared a post dedicated to his her. He mentioned how grateful he was to his mother and feels very lucky to have her in her life. He also attached a video of himself enjoying a soothing dance with his mother.

‘The Brahma Bull’ dedicated another Mother’s Day post to the mother of his children. He feels blessed to have her as his wife who nurtures his kids in the best way possible and acknowledges his wife and her motherhood. He also wished all the other mothers in the entire world a Happy Mother’s Day.



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