When and why did The Rock don his recognizable black turtleneck?

For his various performances in films and television shows, The Rock has donned a variety of clothes and masks.

But the black turtleneck and fanny pack combo from the 1990s has to be one of his most recognizable ensembles.

The Rock recreating his infamous black turtleneck look in 2017

Young Rock, a series that chronicles Dwayne Johnson’s life when he was younger and includes many scenes from his upbringing and youth, is one project that he recently begun. His notorious 1990s meme image was also discussed in one of the first season’s episodes.

Season 1, episode 4 of Young Rock titled Check Your Head, explored some moments of Dwayne’s football run as a member of the Miami Hurricanes during his time in college at the University of Miami. The episode showed the Hollywood actor being invited to an exclusive party after an impressive performance during a football game, where he wore the iconic combo.

The aforementioned episode showed The Rock dressed up in his black turtleneck and fanny combination, believing it would be a hit for the ladies with the shirt style helping with the temperature. He also reasoned out that the fanny pack would help him bring the essentials.

Years later, the photo has continued to resurface online, but it looks like the WWE star doesn’t mind the jokes surrounding it. In an Instagram post in 2017, he recreated the infamous 1996 look and shared a bit of motivation with his fans.

Other entertaining details in The Rock’s black turtleneck and fanny pack look

Although it has been years since the photo was taken, many celebrities and fans have copied the get-up and kept the memory alive. From the looks of it, the Black Adam actor will never escape this photo, but it seems like he doesn’t mind it anymore.

In an interview on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, the photo was brought up once again and the Hollywood actor revealed additional details about it.

The Rock revealed that the contents of the fanny pack were pop tarts and condoms and when asked about the tissue on his elbow, he revealed that he wanted to protect the shirt. The Brahma Bull also revealed that he was wearing a fake TAG watch for the photo and believed the outfit was a chick magnet.

It’s safe to say that Dwayne Johnson’s 1996’s look is now part of his character and despite the comedic perception, he looks back at the moment positively.

Source: sportskeeda.com

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