Despite the DCEU’s crushed hopes, The Two Giants may engage in another fantastic encounter.

Will Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill cross paths once more? Throughout the years, Cavill was without a question the best choice for the part of Superman.

By revealing that he will not be returning to the DC universe as Clark Kent, he broke many people’s hearts. Plans were apparently abandoned because the corporation is undergoing adjustments and planning for its next ten years.

Both Cavill and Johnson have achieved success in their careers, giving several hits. Although seeing them together again in Washington is a small chance, they may meet each other in another franchise. Just as “The Rock” convinced him to play in “Black Adam,” he could probably find a place for both of them in an additional film.

Dwayne Johnson can be seen again with Henry Cavill, but with the roles reversed

Dwayne Johnson Takes Dig at Warner Bros.' Handling of Henry Cavill's  Superman

Although DC may have other plans, people’s love for Henry Cavill has not gone away. Trusting Cavill in his abilities, his colleague in the film “Black Adam” Dwayne Johnson. According to fandomwire, the Superman actor could join Johnson in the Hobbs and Shaw movie.

This is a 2019 action comedy film starring the hero Jumanji along with Jason Statham. While Johnson’s role was positive, Cavill is likely to be seen in a negative role if the film is released. Despite the fact that he has played the hero in many films so far, the former Witcher actor effortlessly played the negative role of August Walker in Mission Impossible: Consequences along with Tom Cruise.

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Hobbs is an integral part of the Fast and Furious franchise. Since the character was very popular, an additional film was released called “Hobb and Shaw”, which focused on the character of Johnson and Statham. Negotiations were underway for a sequel to the film, but it was postponed due to Johnson’s busy schedule during the filming of Black Adam.

Dwayne Johnson Slams WB for 'Inexcusable' Henry Cavill Superman Decision

Black Adam clearly wasn’t as successful as expected. But Johnson nevertheless remained positive and the team was praised for the effort they put into making the film.

While there’s no guarantee he’ll be seen with Cavill in “Hobbs and the Show,” there’s always hope. Would you like to see them together on the screen again? Comment on your thoughts.


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