Donovan Mitchell addresses rumors of not wanting to play alongside Jimmy Butler

Game thread: Utah Jazz looking to enter All-Star break with a bangDonovan Mitchell is having a standout first season with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Despite success on the court, he is not immune to the rumors outside the lines.

Mitchell took to Twitter on Tuesday to address the rumors regarding him and Jimmy Butler.

“We live in a world where you can just say anything and it just be true smh

Donovan Mitchell Reacts To Rumor He Didn't Want To Play With Jimmy Butler.”

Mitchell, Butler attend trainer's birthday, fuel speculation - Hot Hot Hoops

Mitchell, Butler attend trainer's birthday, fuel speculation - Hot Hot Hoops

That’s how Mitchell responded to a report about his supposed lack of desire to join the Miami Heat last offseason after requesting a trade from the Utah Jazz. NBA insider Ethan Skolnick claims Mitchell wanted to play with good friend Bam Adebayo, but was hesitant to commit to Miami because of concerns about teaming with Butler.

Butler is no stranger to controversy with teammates. His tenure with the Minnesota Timberwolves lives in infamy due to the reported feud he had with Karl-Anthony Towns. A practice where Butler apparently took five bench guys and beat out the starters in a scrimmage will forever mark Butler’s legacy in a Timberwolves jersey.

NBA Fans Debate If Donovan Mitchell Will Join Heat After He Was Spotted Hanging Out With Jimmy Butler: "He's A Heatle Confirmed." - Fadeaway World

Miami has served Butler well and by all accounts he has a good relationship with his teammates and the organization. Although Mitchell finds himself in Cleveland, it is not surprising he took to Twitter to debunk the rumor. In today’s age of parity in the NBA, there is no use in burning bridges with any player or team. In Mitchell’s case, the rumor is simply false, so it’s easy to understand why he would set the record straight himself.

As Mitchell and Butler continue to fight for their respective squads and a chance at a ring, there is a possibility they come to battle in this year’s playoffs. There is no doubt they will compete at the highest level if they happen to face off, but given Mitchell’s tweet, we can assume they will remain friendly otherwise.

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