LeBron James Reacts To Activism Of Angel City FC Star

Madison Hammond: The first but not the last - ICTLos Angeles Lakers star LeBron James voiced his support for Angel City FC’s Madison Hammond as she continues to campaign for inclusivity in women’s soccer and fight racism and social injustices.

Hammond opened up to Kate Nelson of Andscape about her journey to becoming the only Native American player in the National Women’s Soccer League. In the said interview, she shared how she experienced racism during a game when she was 15, with an opposing player telling her to “get the f— off me, you Negro.” Instead of getting discouraged, it made Hammond understand the challenges that await her as a person of color and used it as motivation to succeed.

OL Reign Rookie Madison Hammond Shares Her Inspirational Story

“While I haven’t dealt with anything that blatant since then, just dealing with white fragility in white spaces means adhering to a different set of rules as a person of color. I understand I have to work two, three times as hard to get the same opportunities as my other [white] teammates,” Hammond said.

The Angel City FC defender’s activism has not only inspired other people of color like her but also her teammates to initiate and spark change.

After reading her story, James was in awe of Hammond and made sure to express his love and appreciation for the 25-year-old athlete. The Lakers forward gave her a special shoutout on Twitter and reminder her that he got her back.

Why LeBron James' comments about Jerry Jones and the media are right

Why LeBron James' comments about Jerry Jones and the media are right

“I love seeing athletes representing like this. We all got you [Madison Hammond],” James wrote along with his signature hashtag #Striveforgreatness.

It will definitely be amazing if LeBron James and Madison Hammond can meet or collaborate on projects that will impact the community, particularly young Black athletes and people of color. Considering that they are both in Los Angeles, it shouldn’t be that hard.

The National Women’s Soccer League kicks off its 2023 season on Saturday. With LeBron still injured, maybe he can find the time to watch Hammond and Angel City FC as well?

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