A Former Miami Heat Star Is Dominating In Puerto Rico

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A Former Miami Heat Star Is Dominating In Puerto Rico

Hassan Whiteside spent ten years in the NBA, playing for teams such as the Utah Jazz, Portland Trail Blazers, Sacramento Kings, and, most notably, the Miami Heat.

He hasn’t been in the league for a year now but that doesn’t mean he isn’t done playing basketball.

In fact, he is doing quite well for a new team.

Whiteside is downright dominating for Puerto Rico’s Piratas de Quebradillas.

The other night, he scored 43 points and 19 rebounds on a 57% field goal percentage.

Hassan Whiteside, Brandon Knight Join Puerto Rican Team | Hoops Rumors

That is much higher than his NBA career average, which was 12.6 points and 10.8 rebounds.

To be fair, he was also averaging 58.6% from the field while in the league, showing that he has always been really good with his shot selection.

The team is part of the Baloncesto Superior Nacional league, which is the top level of professional playing in Puerto Rico.

Whiteside is obviously feeling very comfortable playing for his new team and is quickly becoming a leader for the squad.

There were quite a few people who were shocked when Whiteside couldn’t find a new home in the league.

Los ex-NBA Hassan Whiteside y Brandon Knight reforzarán a los Piratas – SinCensuraDeportivaPR

Even though his output had diminished over the last few years, he was still getting close to posting a double-double nightly: his last season had an average of 8.2 points and 7.6 rebounds a game.

But the NBA is more crowded than ever and that has led many players to making a living playing for other leagues elsewhere.

Whiteside isn’t the only former NBA player who is in Puerto Rico playing ball.

Former Detroit Pistons and Phoenix Suns star Brandon Knight also recently signed with the same team Whiteside is playing for.

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