The Rock, Vin Diesel and Jason Statham can’t “lose a fight” by contract

The catalog of eccentricities and bizarre requests that “for hire” actors make are always appealing to those of us who are not inside the Hollywood machine, but there are some that are truly surprising.

Hobbs and Shaw Fast and Furious

As the Wall Street Journal has published , the contracts of Vin Diesel , star of the Fast and Furious saga , Jason Statham and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who have just released their own spin-off titled Hobbs and Shaw , clearly specify that none of the three can “lose a fight”, at least as far as the car franchise is concerned.

Fast Furious feud Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham making spin-off WITHOUT Vin  Diesel | Films | Entertainment |

“According to producers and crew members of the films, Mr. Statham , 51, has negotiated a deal with the studio on the maximum that can be hit on screen. Mr.  Diesel , 52, has a his sister, producer of the film, controlling the blows he receives and Mr. Johnson , 47 years old, has the producers, editors and those responsible for coordinating the fights, working so that he always returns everything he receives”, they explain in the article .

The Rock, Vin Diesel, & Jason Statham Can't Lose Fights

It is clear that none of the three actors wants to give up their tough guy figure, not even when they have to face each other, and this may have been one of the reasons, apart from the bad relationship between Diesel and Johnson , for the that Universal has decided to create a spin-off focused on the characters of The Rock and Staham, who are also on the same side, which prevents them from having to fight each other and not having problems with contracts.

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