The Rock refuses to look like Will Smith

From a boy with an unhappy childhood, Dwayne Johnson turned her life around with extraordinary energy and became a lovable movie star in the hearts of fans.

After 20 years of struggling to find a foothold in Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson has now become a household name with fans. The actor revealed that he has been commented to have similarities with movie stars like George Clooney and Will Smith since his first foray into acting.

It Was a Reminder": Dwayne Johnson Flat-Out Refuses to Be Like Will Smith  Amid Reports of Replacing Him in $1 Billion Disney Movie - EssentiallySports

Before becoming a movie star, Johnson had an illustrious career as a professional wrestler. That was around the time that gave birth to the famous “The Rock” moniker that fans have always fondly called him to this day, according to Collider .

Most recently, Johnson shared a video on Instagram with the content that summarizes all the movies in his career.

“I have to thank the audience around the world. Thanks to everyone’s love, trust and support, I was able to realize my passion. I first set foot in Hollywood a few years ago. For two decades, people told me to stop calling myself The Rock, stop going to the gym or talk about wrestling. Instead, they wanted me to be like George Clooney or Will Smith. Then I refused. Personally, I wouldn’t be like anyone else. So if my career fails, at least I know I can be myself. Thank you so much, “he shared with emotion. .

black adam bro 1

The Rock started out as a professional wrestler.

After all, the decision to maintain The Rock’s personal stance in the midst of the prosperous movie capital was a wise choice. The proof is his glorious victories as a serious, professional actor. The Red Notice star got her first lead role in The Scorpion King (2002), a spin-off of the much-loved The Mummy series. Since then, his name has risen like a kite in the wind.

Besides participating in the production of more than 50 films large and small, The Rock has appeared on the screen many times with famous hit movies. That list includes San Andreas ( 2015), Moana (2016), Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (2017) and the worldwide hit Fast and Furious blockbuster series . With a mix of action, comedy and horror genres, he officially creates a separate path unmistakable for anyone.

Dwayne Johnson suddenly became an A-list star when appearing in a series of cult films.

black adam bro 2

Dwayne Johnson suddenly became an A-list star when appearing in a series of cult films.

Most recently, with relentless effort and dedication, The Rock finally has its own first superhero movie, Black Adam . Different from previous projects, he had to show a lot of inner emotions instead of using muscles in simple fighting scenes. Playing the role of an anti-hero with immense strength and power, his character is expected to create a new era for the expanded DC universe.


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