Dwayne Johnson Lost $800 Million: A Daily Loss of $200,000 for Three Weeks Following His Defeat to John Cena in 2013

In WWE, Dwayne Johnson last competed in a major match between 2012 and 2013. He engaged in two brawls at WrestleMania 28 and 29 with John Cena on that WWE program. But he was hurt in 2013 during the match on the biggest platform. When The Rock lost to “The Nation Leader,” his father, the late Rocky Johnson, revealed that The Rock lost six figures for three days in a row.

It makes sense why “The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment” frequently remarks that it is difficult to wrestle and act jocularly. His late father provided an accurate summary of the effects of the same.

Rocky Johnson took part in a 2017 interview with Hannibal TV a few years back. He recalled DJ’s confrontation with John Cena as he spoke about his son’s acting and WWE careers. He described how the 10-time world champion suffered an injury that caused him to miss time.

Going back would be insane, Johnson remarked. He enjoys interacting with and helping gay men. However, he is unable to enter the ring while under contract. Because he suffered a hernia during his most recent match against Cena at WrestleMania.

The Solman continued, “He required emergency surgery. They had to take the set down for three weeks, which cost them $200,000 every day.

Both The Rock and John Cena have recently discussed how their injuries may damage their film careers. They avoid wrestling during an active performing schedule because of this. Back then, Cena was unaware of this and called Johnson to complain about his absence from the WWE.

But in recent days, the 16-time world champion has admitted that calling out DJ was a mistake. Being an actor himself, Cena can now comprehend The Rock’s absence from the WWE. Rocky Johnson, who was aware of this, expressed in this interview his desire to work in his son’s film.

We adore DJ for all the action-packed parts he performs in the film. However, at first, the $800 million celebrity didn’t make only action movies because some of his films were in other genres. Gridiron Gang, another film based on historical events, was a favorite of his father’s.

The former WWE tag team champion said he would have wanted to collaborate on this movie in the same interview. The movie is The Solman’s favorite movie because it greatly influenced him.

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