Interesting reason “The Rock” does not drive a supercar in Fast & Furious

If you are a fan of the Fast & Furious series, you will notice that the character of FBI agent Luke Hobbs played by “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson has never sat on a supercar, but mainly only bundled with bulky military SUVs.

The Rock Realizes He Can't Fit In A Porsche Taycan While On Movie Set

However, in addition to the visual factor, there is another interesting reason that few people know: the massive body of this Hollywood star makes it impossible for him to get into tight supercars.

Recently, Dwayne also posted on his personal Instagram page images of two top supercars today: LaFerrari and GTA Spano – both are images specific to the Fast & Furious movement. ). However, although the combination of carbon fiber, aluminum and “huge” engines can become a privilege for anyone to enjoy, it is “bitter” for Dwayne that he cannot get into the cockpit at all. two cars.

“’She’ is a real speed machine, she’s clean and the best woman in the world I’ve ever seen… 900 hp, less than 25 (matte white) in the world. world, the price is up to 3-5 million USD.

The great thing about being on HBO’s show BALLERS is being able to see and touch a LaFerrari – one of the most beautiful mechanical products in the world and also the most sought after model. The only minus? There was no way I could get in,” he wrote on his Instagram page.


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