Black Adam Rumor Teases Another Disappointing Superman Cameo

Henry Cavill may be the DCEU’s Superman, but he hasn’t actually been seen in the role since 2017’s Justice League—not including Zack Snyder’s cut of the same movie four years later. No one quite knows why Cavill hasn’t been seen in the role since then, since the actor himself has made it clear that he’s more than up for a return.

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Oddly enough, his character has been seen on-screen twice since Cavill last got in front of the camera as Superman. In Shazam!, the very end of the movie features a cameo from the Man of Steel, however, it’s just the bottom 75% of his body; no Cavill to be seen.

Then there was this year’s Peacemaker finale, which had the hero hovering in a completely black silhouette alongside his fellow Justice League members. Here, actor Brad Abramenko served as the shadowed body double for the Man of Steel.

Now, a new rumor suggests the character is set to make yet another cameo without any actor under the cape in an upcoming movie later this year: Black Adam.

An Annoying Superman Trend is Set to Continue

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In a tweet from industry insider MyTimeToShineHello, they reported that Henry Cavill’s Superman would have another cameo in an upcoming DCEU film—just without the actor himself.

According to them, “Superman has another faceless cameo in [Dwayne Johnson’s] Black Adam.” This message was retweeted by another industry insider, KC Walsh, potentially adding further credibility to the claim.

It’s important to note that this is not confirmation of an appearance, and all of it remains a rumor.

Will the Faceless Man of Steel Ever End?

The Rock's Black Adam: Signs Point to a Superman Appearance - YouTube

Fans have been calling for Henry Cavill’s return for years. If the above rumor is true, many fans will likely continue to be annoyed at how Warner Bros. is treating the Kryptonian hero.

This is interesting, given how after the recent Warner Bros. regime change, the new leaders made it clear they wanted to change how DC Comics was handling its live-action projects—which included bringing a spotlight back on Superman. Giving Cavill a cameo in one of their biggest films this year seems like it could have been a great way to do that.

There is, of course, the possibility that the actor was simply busy and unable to offer the time. He is a pretty busy dude, after all, particularly as he’s starring in Netflix’s The Witcher.

At the very least, if there is, in fact, a faceless Superman cameo in Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, then that all but guarantees they’ll be setting up a confrontation between the two characters. The Rock himself even recently teased the possibility on social media.

Fingers crossed that Cavill remains up for another round as the DCEU’s Man of Steel.

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