The Rock Moving To Star Wars after James Gunn and DC “Humiliated” Him? Black Adam Star’s Latest Clip Sets Internet on Fire

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or is it just a Jedi Knight masquerading as Black Adam? The reality has been finding its very own taste of multiversal chaos as The Rock sends his fans scurrying all over the place with the number of clues that he has been dropping of late. The once and former DCU actor had recently made headlines and sent the world hauling itself to the theatres to catch a glimpse of Henry Cavill like he was the last drop of oxygen on the planet.

However, that hope was just as quickly ripped away when the James Gunn drama began to take over everything that was nice and warm in the budding heart of the fandom. Now, after Gunn served an et tu-worthy moment to The Rock and his Superman friend, the actor has moved away in search of greener pastures elsewhere. And it looks like he might just find his new calling in a galaxy far, far away.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson

The Rock Set On Finding Safe Harbor in Disney’s Franchises

Of late, the audience has been getting a lot of mixed signals from the Black Adam actor. At first, it was his blatant disregard for the acknowledgment of his DCU film’s launch on the streaming platform, HBO Max. This was a matter of great deliberation among the fans, considering how vocal and enthusiastic The Rock was about his 15-year initiative being brought to life. Later, the peace treaty that was signed and bound by an oath between the pawn and the master was supposed to demote The Rock’s dream to a side hustle – a multiversal appearance, if there ever will be any.

Black Adam (2022)

Black Adam (2022)

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After the gentle letdown, it now seems as though The Rock isn’t leaving anything up to chance and the wrestler-turned-actor understands that simply listening to the audience might not do the trick anymore. One needs to establish their footing on more solid ground so as to not get stuck in the quicksand of internal politics and drama. As such, Dwayne Johnson has been on the lookout for a safe harbor, preferably under the banner of the biggest players in town – the Walt Disney Company.

Whether it be Marvel Studios (his recent multiple shout-outs to DC’s CBM counterpart) or the Lucasfilm franchise – the actor has set his heart on finding a home and an anchor for himself and his devoted fandom who now suddenly find themselves lost at sea, ever since they were shown a dream of a Black Adam trilogy before being rudely woken up.

The Rock and DCU fail each other through Black Adam

The Rock and DCU fail each other through Black Adam

Is The Rock Planning a Strategic Move to Disney’s Star Wars?

Among the multiple easter eggs and teases being thrown our way, almost like a game of dodgeball, The Rock has suddenly posted a video of himself in a private jet with papers sprawled out in front of him as the actor gives the stationery the infamous people’s eyebrow, while John Williams’ Star Wars symphony, The Force is With You, plays in tandem. The video has sent people hope’s skyrocketing to the levels of the ionosphere with expectations that the actor might be finally moving to the Lucasfilm universe.

The timing of the video comes at a perfect moment, an opening in the vast and expansive universe that is the MandoVerse, since recent reports state that Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni might be looking to host a new addition to the Mando family, before moving on to bigger and better projects. Rumors and fan speculations at this moment only indicate that the project might be the live-action entry of Star Wars: Rebels but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Favreau and Filoni, although, have promised that the new project will be the final piece of the puzzle before the MandoVerse can prepare itself for a cross-over event.

If The Rock indeed plans on joining the Star Wars fraternity, there is no limit to the array of choice characters that the actor could portray, but it still remains highly unlikely that the A-lister will be getting hired anytime soon.

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