Wrexham 2.0? Following Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson Might Dive into English Football’s National League

Dwayne Johnson мay be planning to get involved with Soυthend United… Along with Ray Winstone.

Dwayne Johnson – La Presse

Hollywood continues to support English football. Following the success Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney had with the Wrexha AFC, the Essex Echo stated that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will soon be investing in the National League. The American actor and former professional wrestler, together with Ray Winstone, have reportedly been approached to join Sothend United in a project similar to the documentary presented by Reynolds’ tea.

Ron Martin, the Shrimpers’ owner, announced his plan to sell the club in March. Then, Simon Jackson and Kristofer Tremains, two businessmen from Essex, raise their hands to ask Saturday United to buy their “Reynolds and McElhenney” actors Dwayne Johnson and Ray Winstone.

According to the Essex Echo, The Rock’s production company, Seven Bocks Productions, has already been contacted by Jackson and Tremains. The idea is that, similar to what Wrexham AFC accomplished, they begin documenting the Shrimpers’ journey in anticipation of their re-entry into Football League Two the following season.

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Last year, Southampton United finished eighth in the National League, which corresponds to the fifth tier of English football.Shrimps were only two points out of qualifying for the playoff round. Wrexha AFC, Reynolds and McElhenney’s team, which would compete in the UK’s League Two Fourth Division, made its debut during that same season.

Will the Shriмpers becoмe “Wrexhaм AFC 2.0”? One can only hope. It woυld be nice to see Johnson and Winstone teaмing υp for the Esℯ’s teaм.

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