“Take this company and leave everything as is” – Veteran urges The Rock to step in and buy WWE amidst Saudi Arabia rumors (Exclusive)

The day began with one of the biggest wrestling stories in history, as multiple outlets reported the Saudi Arabian PIF’s purchase of WWE. Amidst intense fan backlash, the legendary Bill Apter explained why Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson needs to step in and explore the possibility of buying WWE.

As noted by several reputed journalists, the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund has agreed to buy WWE, and there is unsuspectingly a lot of concern amongst fans, talents, and personnel about the company’s future.

The Rock has long been linked as a potential buyer due to his connections outside the squared circle. Bill Apter highlighted that Dwayne Johnson’s Seven Bucks Production company could realistically bid for the world’s most valuable pro wrestling organization.

While The Rock would still require a group of investors to ensure a complete takeover of WWE, Apter believes there isn’t a better personality out there than the Great One to be the promotion’s new owner.

Here’s what the Hall of Fame journalist told Dr. Chris Featherstone on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s WrestleBinge YouTube channel:

“You know what? I’m surprised that this thing with the company here, who I’m really surprised is not in on the bidding action unless there is bidding going on. Unless there is something going on that we don’t know about, and that’s the company owned by this guy named Dwayne Johnson. I mean, he would really be, and of course, it would be a lot more than seven bucks to purchase this, but he would really be an ideal candidate to take this company and leave everything as is.” [9:45 onwards]Bill Apter explains why he wants The Rock to buy WWE

Dwayne Johnson might never have made it big in Hollywood had it not been for his mercurial rise in WWE. The Rock spent many years as a main eventer before leaving the business to begin a new chapter in his career.

The 50-year-old legend has not been around the ring for a while but is still well-versed with the inner workings of professional wrestling.

Bill Apter said that The Rock is also familiar with people in the new management team, which is currently being led by one of his former rivals, Triple H.

Apter felt that if The Rock could add the XFL to his list of owned entities, World Wrestling Entertainment would be a “real moneymaker” for the former world champion.

“He knows the makeup of the company. He knows the people that are running the company, and this would just be a perfect fit for Dwayne Johnson to take this company as his own. He’s got the XFL, so why not grab the real moneymaker, something he was a part of?” [10:25 – 10:52]

Before signing off, Bill Apter admitted that he would love to see The Rock return to take control of WWE and ended with a message to the popular megastar.

“I want to see Dwayne Johnson take this! Well, the end of the day is in about half an hour. So Dwayne, if you’re watching this, you’ve got time. Like, it doesn’t matter what your name is! Just sign on the bottom line! That’s it (laughs).” [20:26 – 21:00]

Source: sportskeeda

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