“So Ivory, you got a boyfriend?”: The Rock’s Lady Crush and Wrestling Legend Refused To Go Out With Him While He Was Still Married To Dany García

Being one of the sexiest men alive, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Hollywood star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has ruled over millions of hearts. With his muscular physique, good looks, and his hold on the sense of humor, he has impressed many. However, all these might not work for everyone, as the Black Adam star once faced rejection from his crush. During his wrestling days, Johnson made an approach to ask out a female WWE wrestler. Sadly, he was rejected simply because the Baywatch star was 11 years younger than her.

Dwayne Johnson FandomWireDwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

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The Rock Was Once Rejected by His WWE Crush

In his memoir, The Rock Says, Dwayne Johnson has shared that he has always been attracted to older women. He also shared that as a young boy, he always dated girls who were older than him. However, when he approached an older fellow WWE wrestler, he did not get the answer he expected.

The Rock FandomWireDwayne Johnson

The 3 Times WWF Women’s Champion, Lisa Moretti, also known as Ivory, shared the story in one of her interviews. She shared that the Jumanji star tried to ask her out, but she refused, as she was a little older than him. “Rock was asking me one day, you know when I first got there,” she shared.

Ivory shared that The Rock asked her if she “got a boyfriend.” Lisa Moretti said that she answered “yeah,” and instantly regretted what she said. She further explained, “But you know that’s what happens when you’re just a little older, you’re like, ‘yeah, I have a boyfriend at home.’”


Lisa Moretti, aka Ivory

Ivory also shared why she regretted saying that making a reference to Trish Stratus in her statement. The wrestler-turned-actor was still married to his first wife, Dany Garcia, at the time. However, they separated in 2008.

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Ivory Admits that She Regretted Doing It  

Although she did say no to The Rock, as he was 11 years younger than him, she seemed to regret the decision. She shared “But, you know, and then comes Trish Stratus, you know, it’s like ‘dang, that could have been me!’ Isn’t that horrible?”

The Rock with Trish StratusThe Rock with Trish Stratus

Her reference could have been to the time when The Rock teamed up with Trish Stratus in 2000 against Kurt Angle and Vince McMahon. The duo had a backstage segment during one of the episodes of Raw. Things took a different turn after Stratus thanked the Jungle Cruise star for saving her on Smackdown with a peck on his cheek.

After which he went ahead and kissed her. Although the two of them never grew any romantic relationship, the moment became memorable for WWE fans. Trish Stratus went on to win seven Women’s Champion and ended her wrestling career in 2006 after defeating her nemesis Lita in a title match.

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