Stephen Curry cried on the day that went down in NBA history

The Golden State Warriors have become the champions of the 2022 National Basketball Association (NBA) after defeating the Boston Celtics 4-2 in the finals.

Stephen Curry khóc trong ngày đi vào lịch sử NBA - Bóng rổ

Stephen Curry khóc trong ngày đi vào lịch sử NBA - Bóng rổ

The Golden State Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics with a score of 103-90 in Game 6 of the NBA 2022 Finals to win the championship for the fourth time in 8 years, becoming the champions of the world’s most prestigious basketball tournament.

Stephen Curry anh 2

Curry, the best player on the Golden State Warriors in this game, couldn’t hold back his tears after the match ended. He scored 34 points, had 7 rebounds and 7 assists, making a strong impression to help his team win.

Stephen Curry anh 3

Stephen Curry anh 3

Curry was also voted as the Most Valuable Player of the NBA Finals (FMVP). Previously, the 34-year-old star had won the Finals MVP award. He became the first NBA player to receive both of these awards in a single season.

Stephen Curry anh 4

After falling behind 14-2 at the start of the game, the Warriors staged a spectacular comeback with a 30-8 run that lasted from the end of the first half into the second half. Curry and his teammates controlled the game for most of the time and did not give the Celtics a chance to come back.

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Jayson Tatum, the Celtics’ biggest expected star, had a lackluster performance in the game, scoring only 13 points, with 3 rebounds and 7 assists. He also did not perform well for most of the NBA Finals 2022 series.

Stephen Curry anh 6

Jaylen Brown was the best player for the Celtics, scoring 34 points. The Celtics can only blame themselves for losing Game 6, which was a decisive match played at their home court.

Stephen Curry anh 7

The disappointment and regret of Celtics fans were evident at TD Garden. The last time this team won the NBA championship was 14 years ago.

Stephen Curry anh 8

Curry expressed his emotions and said that he and his teammates made a great effort to return to the top position of the NBA. “We hit rock bottom with injuries,” he said. “Never take this championship for granted because you never know when you can play in another finals.”

Stephen Curry anh 9

“This championship means a lot to me,” declared the NBA 2022 FMVP. “It also puts our current team in NBA history as one of the greatest teams in the league.”

Stephen Curry anh 10

Curry’s personal achievement in winning the FMVP award also holds great significance for him, as it is his first time receiving the award in his career. The 34-year-old star is highly likely to be ranked among the top 10 greatest NBA players of all time after winning the championship this season.



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