“You’re watching a machine”- Gilbert Arenas knew LeBron James was gonna be legendary when they met for the first time

Gilbert Arenas had a keen sense of how good LeBron James was going to be when the two faced each other in the playoffs. Arenas mentioned this during an interview when he recalled a matchup in the first round against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Washington Wizards v Cleveland Cavaliers, Game 2

Washington Wizards v Cleveland Cavaliers, Game 2

LeBron James is widely regarded as one of the greatest players in basketball history. As the NBA’s all-time leading scorer, along with several other accolades to go with it, James certainly has the resume to be considered one of the greatest.

While it took him 20 years to get to this point, as per former NBA player Gilbert Arenas, James was bound to become a legend.


In an interview with “Vlad TV”, Arenas spoke about facing a young LeBron in the playoffs. While highlighting that he and the Washington Wizards were a better team at the time, Arenas also mentioned that the Wizards underestimated James and his basketball IQ.

When asked whether he knew LeBron would be great early on, Arenas responded by saying:

“I knew that from the first time I met him. The first time I meet him, he’s watching – and he had the little TiVo box thing – he’s watching seven things at once. Soccer, high school basketball, college girl basketball, NBA, football, I mean, you’re just sitting there watching a machine.”

Arenas also mentioned that while he was over at LeBron’s house to play cards, James and his wife, Savannah, were simultaneously watching the film as well. The sheer obsession with breaking down the game convinced Arenas of how great LeBron could be.

James’ basketball IQ has been rated as his strongest weapon. Going as far as knowing the opponent’s next play, James is truly a savant when it comes to basketball.

LeBron James continues to make use of his high basketball IQ

LeBron James: An Exclusive Look At his Basketball IQ - Sports Illustrated

LeBron James is known for his longevity. By still being a dominant force in the league at the age of 38, James is undoubtedly pushing the age boundary on productivity in the league. However, a lot of this productivity has to do with his incredible IQ.

This could be seen in the current playoff series against the Memphis Grizzlies. James frequently uses his basketball IQ to facilitate his team’s offense. While he can still be a dominant offensive force, the LA Lakers superstar opted to get his team’s offense going by managing his own scoring output.

By making adjustments on the fly, LeBron James ensures that his body stays in good condition. Considering that a title run is on the line, he has to ensure that he remains at his best.

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