“I want seven of these”- Former NBA MVP Charles Barkley wants Warriors-Kings series to go to the end

Former NBA MVP Charles Barkley is beyond excited for the Warriors-Kings first-round series. While breaking down aspects of Game 4 on TNT’s “Inside the NBA”, Barkley had to express that he wanted to see this series go to seven games.

Sacramento Kings v Golden State Warriors - Game Four

Sacramento Kings v Golden State Warriors - Game Four

The Golden State Warriors vs Sacramento Kings first-round series has undoubtedly been one of the most exciting match-ups in this year’s playoffs.

The Kings are making their glorious return to the playoff stage after years. Meanwhile, the Warriors scratched and clawed their way into the playoff picture to keep their hopes of repeating title success alive. The showdown was bound to be epic.


Every game in the series has been filled with drama. Game 4 was no different. With the game going down the line, the Dubs narrowly edged out the Kings with a 126-125 win.

Barkley and the crew discussed aspects of the series on “Inside the NBA” following the result. Barkley discussed how impressive Sacramento’s offense has been and their overall depth of firepower.

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal built upon this sentiment by highlighting the importance of homecourt advantage in this series. On this note, Barkley added:

“I don’t know about y’all, I want seven of these. Yeah, I want seven of these.”

Ernie Johnson hilariously chimed along and said that he wanted a nine-game series. Considering Barkley’s take on the Nuggets-Timberwolves series, it is evident that Chuck has his favorites this time around.

The Warriors tie it all up

Steph Curry, Warriors beat Kings in Game 4 - Golden State Of Mind

With a win in Game 4, the Golden State Warriors successfully protected their homecourt. More importantly, by doing so, the Dubs have also tied the series 2-2.

Golden State and Sacramento are both exchanging blows at this point. The Kings dominated on their homecourt and the Dubs merely followed suit. Should this trend continue, Golden State will inevitably lose the series in seven games.

This makes the upcoming game the most important one thus far. While Sacramento obviously has to protect their homecourt, Golden State could very realistically break the existing stalemate.

However, this will be a challenge. The Dubs have been one of the worst teams when it comes to playing on the road.

Considering Sacramento’s sheer offensive output in each game, Golden State will have a tough time matching it. Hence, locking down in late-game situations should be a more pressing priority for the team.


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