“LeBron James’ version of ‘The Last Dance’?” – NBA analyst believes 4x NBA champion has attained ‘Athlete Nirvana’ 

The LA Lakers’ season has been a rollercoaster. They started off on a five-game losing streak and lost eight of their first ten games. The focus shifted to LeBron James chasing NBA history.

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers

As he neared Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s regular season scoring record, the Lakers’ struggles were put under the microscope. With their playoff hopes on the line, the team was extremely active at the trade deadline. They added shooting and bolstered their bench depth.

In addition to James breaking the NBA scoring record, the Lakers put on a sensational late-season push. They secured themselves a spot in the play-in tournament as the No. 7 seed.

The Lakers are on the verge of closing out their first-round series against the Memphis Grizzlies. They lead the series 3-1 and will have three opportunities to advance to the second round.

Fans are wondering how far the Lakers can go in the playoffs. James is playing at his best and their role players are stepping up in key moments.

ESPN Radio host Alan Hahn believes the Lakers have a chance to win the NBA title. He spoke about it during his appearance on ‘Get Up’ early Tuesday morning:

“As I was watching that game unfold in the fourth quarter…I thought to myself, Are we live watching LeBron James’ version of ‘The Last Dance’? Is this going to be his run? And if it is, he looks unlike any LeBron we’ve ever seen.”

“He almost looks at peace, he looks not under pressure, not under scrutiny. Not ‘I have to. I want to, I still can.’ I’ve had players tell me that the thing called the ‘athlete nirvana’. It’s when mind, body, and spirit are all healthy all at once. And that’s what it looks like he is right now.”

You can see the full conversation in the video below:

LeBron James and the LA Lakers’ quest for another title

After winning the infamous NBA bubble championship, LeBron James and the LA Lakers have their sights set on another title. While there have been serious questions about whether the team has enough talent to make a postseason run, their bolstered roster has silenced the doubters.Similarly, so has LeBron James.

While he was on a quest to achieve personal greatness, many questioned if he still had ‘it’. As he showed during the late stages of Game 4, he not only has what it takes to compete with the best, but can also takeover games when needed.

Minnesota Timberwolves v Los Angeles Lakers - Play-In Tournament

Minnesota Timberwolves v Los Angeles Lakers – Play-In Tournament

James spoke to the media following a remarkable game where he scored key buckets down the stretch:

“I felt like that play right there, I wouldn’t say, ‘closed the door,’ but it sealed it. There wasn’t much light at the end for the rest of the game. I was just letting the emotion come out. I’ve done some pretty cool things in my career. I’ve never had 20 and 20 before. So, that’s pretty cool, I guess.”

LeBron James & the LA Lakers will look to close out the series in Memphis on Wednesday. Tip-off is scheduled for 7:30pm/ET.

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