What is LeBron James’ playoff 3-point percentage? Looking at top 5 behind-the-arc shooters in 2023 NBA playoffs(video) 

The LA Lakers are taking on the Memphis Grizzlies in the first round, and LeBron James’ playoff 3-point percentage could play a huge part in determining the series. James isn’t the best shooter from beyond the arc, but his ability to knock down 3-pointers could be one of the biggest changes in their quest to defeat Memphis.

Los Angeles Lakers v Charlotte Hornets

Los Angeles Lakers v Charlotte Hornets

In four games, LeBron has played a safe game and relied heavily on the contributions of his teammates. This is why hasn’t posted insane stats. One reason for that is because of his inefficiency to knock down attempts from beyond the arc.

The four-time MVP is averaging an embarrassing 18.5% from downtown, which is the lowest in his 20-year career. James has only made five shots from beyond the arc and attempted 27 shots. His inefficiency could unlock a ton of chances for the squad to start making an impact in Game 5.

If LeBron starts working on his 3-pointers, he might get a chance to be closer to the top five shooters in this year’s playoffs. Grant Williams, MarJon Beauchamp, Miles McBride and Miles McBride are all shooting 100% from long distance. Duncan Robinson caps off the top five with 76.5%.

LeBron James’ shooting could turn things around for the Lakers

The series between the Lakers and the Grizzlies could only come down to one thing only: the dominance of LeBron James. Now, it’s clear that James isn’t as explosive as he once was back in his second stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, he’s developed into a reliable shooter from beyond the arc as he ages.

While people expect LeBron to take Dillon Brooks down the paint to put him on a poster, the chances of that happening is highly unlikely. The area where he can do the most damage in the upcoming Game 5 will be from beyond the arc. His reliability from a long distance could be something that separates Los Angeles from Memphis.

Throughout the entire series, the Lakers have struggled to shoot the basketball from long distance. That includes the stars, who are the ones supposed to take the lead and make an impact on their teammates.

As a team, the Lakers are shooting 31.5% from the three-point area, which isn’t impressive. If they want to change things and end the series in Game 5, having a better game from long range will be the key, and LeBron James should be the one leading them.

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