“We never got to see them go against each other” – Pro Boxer uses Michael Jordan vs LeBron James analogy to rank Ryan Garcia & Tank Davis  

The comparison between LeBron James and Michael Jordan is bound to be endless, and even other sports have shared their opinions on the debate. Professional boxer Shakur Stevenson recently addressed the latest fight between Ryan Garcia and Gervonta “Tank” Davis, where he talked about the greatness level of the two.

Shakur Stevenson compares the Ryan Garcia-Tank Davis fight to a Michael Jordan vs LeBron James situation

Shakur Stevenson compares the Ryan Garcia-Tank Davis fight to a Michael Jordan vs LeBron James situation

After the fight, everyone shared their thoughts on the results. One of those to share was Stevenson, who has 20 wins in his professional boxing career. When interviewed, he said that Garcia wasn’t on the same level as Davis. Stevenson also said that there’s someone who can rival Tank, and that’s him.

“I would love that fight,” Stevenson said when asked if he wants to fight Tank. “I think that’s the biggest and best fight in the sport of boxing.

“You got like a Michael Jordan that came around in his era. Then you got a LeBron that came around in his era, but they wasn’t in the same era, so we never got to see them go against each other.

“With me and Tank, you got two special fighters that been special our whole careers and our whole lives. When it comes down to it, it’s going to be the biggest and best fight in boxing. … I can’t wait. I feel like I’m a bad motherf****r when it comes to this boxing stuff.

“The people who really know boxing going to tell you that’s the big fight, and I agree with them. I think that that’s the biggest fight.”

How did the Garcia-Davis fight end?

This weekend was an incredible frenzy of moments that surprised many boxing fans with the recent fight between Garcia and Davis. The fight was energized by both prizefighters and had fans on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

Tank ended the fight with an insane body blow on Garcia in the seventh round. The blow was obviously too much for the California native as he had to stop and take a knee in the middle of the fight. It wasn’t the only knockdown from the fight. Davis was able to land a left-handed hook on Ryan’s face to put him down during the second round.

In the end, Tank took home the win and earned the respect of the fans.

LeBron isn’t the only star being compared to Michael Jordan

The 2023 NBA playoffs have been fun to watch, and the stars’ recent performances have been breathtaking. Aside from James, Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat has now been compared to Michael Jordan. Analyst Skip Bayless was left impressed after Butler’s 56-point performance on Monday.

“In all my years of watching and studying the NBA, I have never seen a more patient, cleverer, craftier scorer than this guy, and that’s including Jordan,” Bayless said.

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