The Rock Refuses To Workout With Kevin Hart Because He Doesn’t Like Challenging Himself in the Gym

Over the last few years, the love-hate relationship between Hollywood stars has gained an entirely separate fanbase on social media. Among the rare handful of faux frenemies, The Rock and Kevin Hart are particular favorites for their relentless teasing of each other. The two celebrities not only manage to make the audience laugh due to their shenanigans but most of the time, they are themselves getting a kick out of finding a way to publicly one-up the other.

The videos, which consequently find their way onto social media, have racked up quite a few laughs, and here’s a look back at all the times the two actors dissed each other over their workout habits.

The Rock and Kevin Hart on Central Intelligence
Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart on Central Intelligence

The Rock Hates Working Out With Kevin Hart at the Gym

Whenever The Rock shares a screen with Kevin Hart, the audience automatically realizes it’s going to be a riot of a time. The two have rarely ever held back from annoying each other, be it over the tortilla slap challenge or mocking the other person’s appearance. However, among the numerous events that pit Kevin Hart against his Central Intelligence co-star, working out at the gym has to be pretty much the most daunting of them all.

The Rock once quipped while touring with Hart promoting their film, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle“I tried to work out with Kevin once and it’s just, it’s like working out with a five-year-old.” In retaliation, the subject in question claimed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show,

“That’s why I don’t work out with Dwayne either. I don’t wanna go in there and lift all that mess, all that stupid stuff that he got in there. [Hart proceeds to mimic The Rock’s voice] ‘Listening to how good the day is. Today’s the day. We got to go. We got to challenge ourselves.’ No, we don’t. Do what you do. And I’ll do what I do.”

The Rock and Kevin HartDwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart

The Rock, who is famously known for his incredible physique and his admirable workout ethics, is a goliath compared to Hart, who is regularly mocked (often by himself) for his shorter stature. However, the latter’s height has hardly held back the actor-comedian from bulking up at the gym, so much so, that he has often graced the covers of fitness magazines. But if one were to put these two actors into the same gym together, it would probably end up being a 1-hour Netflix Special rather than an intense session of weights and cardio.

Kevin Hart Mocks The Rock Over The Latter’s Workout Videos

The Rock is often seen spending most of his time in the expansively built gym which he named, the Iron Paradise. Be it for updates regarding his latest project, live-streaming promotional videos for his upcoming movies, or uploading tidbits about his daily life, the audience often finds the background speckled with iron and mat and barely much of anything else. While the sight has become quite a familiar view for most of the actor’s uploads, often a mishap at the gym warrants a reel or two and that’s where Kevin Hart finds the content for his next targeted attack on his eternal frenemy.

The Rock

Dwayne Johnson

The comedian once mocked The Rock when the latter appeared in a video with a heavy chain dangling around his neck. Hart proceeded to hand a string of golden spray-painted set of link chains and deliver a monologue in the same way his co-star does whenever the former professional wrestler finds some time for a motivational speech or two.

Later, a gym mishap causing The Rock to injure himself by cutting the edge of his brow led to Kevin Hart smearing ketchup and enacting a skit. Halfway through the video, the latter broke character and couldn’t contain his laughter over the ridiculousness of the entire scenario.




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