10 Best Fights In The Fast & Furious Movies, Ranked

The action-filled Fast & Furious franchise has no shortage of brutal brawls and fantastic fights. Here are the top ten, ranked from worst to best.


The Fast & Furious franchise may have begun with illegal street races and truck hijackings, but the series has evolved to have some of the most physics-defying fight scenes in blockbuster cinema. While the original tetralogy of Fast & Furious films was more concerned with who could drive a quarter mile the fastest, the latter half of the series has seen the ever-growing family face several potentially world-ending threats. This escalation in stakes has meant that the Fast & Furious movies have developed the need for some truly explosive brawls and action sequences.

Following a series of disappointing entries, 2011’s Fast Five was the movie the franchise needed to re-ignite the magic of the original The Fast and the Furious film. Fast Five revived the series with several death-defying practical stunts, brutal brawls, and the addition of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Though a feud between The Rock and Vin Diesel and the tragic death of co-star Paul Walker caused numerous issues behind the scenes of the Fast & Furious franchise, the series’ incredible action scenes and familial themes have kept it going for over 20 years. Here are the ten best fight scenes in the Fast & Furious franchise, ranked:

10Roman And Han Get Destroyed By Jah (Fast & Furious 6)

Roman and Han prepare to fight Jah in Fast and Furious 6.

While Roman (Tyrese Gibson) and Han (Sung Kang) may be fan-favorite Fast & Furious characters, this Fast & Furious 6 fight demonstrates the sheer talent of their opponent, Jah, played by martial artist Joe Taslim. Taslim exploded onto the scene in the incredible action film The Raid and got the opportunity to showcase his phenomenal skills to an even larger audience in Fast & Furious 6. In this standout scene, drivers Roman Pearce and Han Lue are chasing Jah down at London’s Waterloo Station. They quickly discover that they are severely outmatched by the henchman, who proceeds to swiftly beat both men, who barely manage to escape with their lives.

9Letty Throws Kara Off A Ledge (Furious 7)Kara-Jumps-At-Letty

Following Letty’s shocking resurrection in Fast & Furious 6Furious 7 sees her rejoin the family and face off against Ronda Rousey’s Kara during a party in Abu Dhabi. The brawl between the two is absolutely brutal, yet surprisingly acrobatic, with Rhonda Rousey utilizing all her skills as a former MMA fighter against Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty. While Roman and Han barely survive their encounter with Jah, Letty ultimately gets the upper hand against Kara by throwing her off a ledge and onto the desk of the party’s DJ. It’s a fantastic end to a brilliant fight sequence that highlights both actors’ abilities.

8Dom And Hobbs Team Up To Wreck Owen Shaw And Klaus (Fast and Furious 6)Hobbs-And-Dom-Defeat-Klaus

Fast & Furious 6 may have had one hilariously bad scene with Vin Diesel and The Rock, but this climatic fight certainly wasn’t it. Here, Dom Toretto and Luke Hobbs team up to defeat villain Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) and his final henchman, Klaus (Kim Kold). The highlight of this brilliantly over-the-top action sequence comes when Dom Toretto picks up the 6’4,” 320 lbs Klaus, just in time for Hobbs to come flying in and knock him out cold. It’s a truly awesome moment in a series that never bothers to obey the laws of physics.

7Letty Sends Riley Flying (Fast and Furious 6)


Intercut with Dom and Hobbs’ spectacular fight against Owen Shaw and Klaus is Letty’s brawl with the treacherous Riley (Gina Carano). Despite this action sequence taking place on a plane attempting to take off, this particular fight is noticeably more grounded than Dom and Hobbs’. Following one of the Fast & Furious franchise’s most ridiculous scenes, Riley seems to take the upper hand when she chokes Letty against the inner wall of the plane. However, Letty ultimately comes out on top when she opens the plane’s side door and blows Riley away with a harpoon. It’s an unquestionably definitive death in a series notoriously known for constantly resurrecting characters.

6Hobbs And Shaw Defeat Brixton Lore, Super Soldier (Hobbs & Shaw)Brixton-Punches-Hobbs

One of the best fight scenes in the Fast & Furious franchise occurs in the spinoff Hobbs & Shaw. During the film’s climax, Brixton Lore (Idris Elba) attacks Hobbs’ childhood home in Samoa. To defeat a super soldier who can see their every move coming, Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw have to work together to time their attacks correctly. With liberal use of slow motion and environmental weapons, the ensuing fight is simultaneously one of the funniest and most brutal in the whole Fast & Furious series. Brixton’s defeat at the hands of the titular duo is awesome to watch and ends their character arcs perfectly.

5Brian Brawls Kiet In A Moving Cagematch (Furious 7)Kiet-Furious-7

During the convoy ambush in Furious 7, Brian is forced to battle Kiet (Tony Jaa) inside a moving bus. Jaa was already a world-renowned martial arts star who made his Hollywood debut in Furious 7. The fight shows Jaa’s vigor, fighting prowess, and personality, especially when his character taunts Brian after locking him in a cage onboard the crashing bus. This fight also sets up one of the best Fast & Furious stunts, when Brian is forced to jump out of the bus as it falls off a cliff. The bus brawl is incredibly exciting and truly displays just how talented a martial artist Tony Jaa is.

4Dom Vs. Jakob: Battle Of Brothers (F9: The Fast Saga)Dom and Jakob Toretto in F9

F9: The Fast Saga introduces Dom’s never-before-seen brother, Jakob Toretto (John Cena), as an antagonist for the family. The two brothers clash in Edinburgh, wrecking much of the city in their duel. What sets this fight apart is not only the sheer scale of damage, thanks to a giant electromagnet stolen by Tej and Roman, but also the poignancy of two once-close brothers coming to physical blows. Dom’s repeated emphasis on family, found or otherwise, really sells how tragic the battle is, while fantastic visual effects provide some brilliant visual flair.

3Deckard Shaw Sends Luke Hobbs To Hospital (Furious 7)Furious-7-Hobbs-vs-Shaw

In revenge for hospitalizing his brother in Fast & Furious 6, Deckard Shaw pays Luke Hobbs a visit towards the start of Furious 7. Statham sells just how dangerous Deckard Shaw is by severely injuring the almost never-beaten Dwayne Johnson due to his absurd fight rule. Even though Shaw has to use a bomb to beat Hobbs, he more than pulls his own when it comes to physical blows by contrasting Hobbs’ sheer size with his speed and quick thinking. During the fight, Shaw utilizes broken glass to stop Hobbs from pummeling him. Although Hobbs and Shaw eventually become allies, they are far from that moment in Furious 7.

2Luke Hobbs Joins The Team After A Brutal Fight With Dom (Fast Five)Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto and Dwayne Johnson as Hobbs in Fast and Furious 5

While Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel’s feud would sour the later sequels’ production, The Rock helped Fast Five become the revitalization the franchise needed. Luke Hobbs is introduced as an antagonist for Dom and the rest of the family as they plan a heist in Rio, so he tracks Toretto down. The two begin brawling after coming face to face, resulting in the two men tearing through the building they’re fighting in. Shortly after his impressive defeat, in a moment that changed the Fast & Furious franchise forever, Hobbs joins the family.

1Dom Uses His Street Smarts To Defeat Deckard Shaw (Furious 7)Dom and Shaw crash each other's cars in Furious 7

Dom Toretto tells Deckard Shaw that “[he’s] got family” and reveals what he does to people that mess with them in Furious 7’s climactic street fight. With Deckard having injured Hobbs and supposedly killed Han, Dom does not mess around in their all-out brawl. Dom begins by almost killing Shaw outright, firstly with his car and then with a shotgun. However, he then decides to duel Shaw, armed with metal pipes. Much like Shaw’s earlier fight with Hobbs, the sequence is swift and brutal, with both men landing heavy hits on one another.

Its ending sets this fight apart from every other in the Fast & Furious franchise. With the parking garage the two are fighting on having been structurally damaged by a missile fired by Shaw’s supposed ally Mose Jakanda (A Quiet Place 2’s Djimon Hounsou), Dom can get the upper hand and higher ground on Shaw. With a brilliantly stupid one-liner: “thing about street fights… the street always wins,” Dom sends Shaw crashing down onto the first floor. It’s a fun end to a balls-to-the-wall fight, almost encapsulating the Fast & Furious franchise’s entirety into one moment.

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