Stunned with The Rock’s secret to training hard muscles like rock: Just woke up doing cardio

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What Happened When I Did The Rock's Workout for 3 Weeks

In an interview with Men’s Journal, Johnson said he starts his day with a series of cardio exercises (without eating anything). Then he would eat 6-7 meals throughout the day.

“Doing cardio on an empty stomach keeps my metabolism running smoothly and efficiently. My meals are designed to be very well balanced with protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats. Sometimes I do. will add sugar at the appropriate time.” – I said.

With a height of 1 meter 90 and a weight of 118 kg, Johnson will not be able to lose weight if he eats so much during the day. However, combining a diet high in lean protein and good fats with regular physical activity and morning cardio can really help him stay in shape.

Cardio on an empty stomach (also known as fasted cardio) is a popular weight loss technique. At this time, the body is lacking glucose, so it will have to burn fat for energy.

The Rock is also famous for its prominent arm veins. According to Healthline, to get such ‘stretched’ arms, you need to reduce the amount of fat below the allowable level (to create maximum muscle). The morning cardio method helps Johnson gain more muscles, prominent veins but still has stable health.


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