Extreme diet and exercise of muscle hero ‘The Rock’: Get up at 4am to eat 7 meals, double the calories of the average person

With a muscular body, “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson became the desired model of many men. Possessing a height of 1m93 and a weight of 122kg, he is a superstar wrestler, Hollywood A-list actor.

”The Rock” is famous for his heroic, muscular roles such as Hercules, GI Joe 2: Retaliation, Pain and Gain, Fast and Furious… To achieve that figure, he always must follow a diet and exercise that few people can do.

Extreme diet and exercise of the muscular hero The Rock: Get up at 4am to eat 7 meals, load twice as many calories as the average person - Photo 1.

Dwayne Johnson.Photo: Essentially Sports.

An expensive diet

He often follows a special diet called “12 Labors” (12 experts do it). Along with exercise, Dwayne Johnson eats 6-7 meals a day. In order to evenly distribute meals, he had to get up at 4am to start the first meal.

His food focuses on seafood such as cod and salmon with a total consumption of 6,000-8,000 calories per day, according to Men’s Health. With this number, Johnson consumes more than twice as many calories as the average person (a man in his 40s consumes about 2,500 calories per day). According to Bleacher Report, one man tried to make a diet like The Rock. According to calculations, each month he has to spend up to 1,262 USD (equivalent to 31 million VND) for food, ie 15,144 USD per year (about 376 million VND).

In addition, this “giant” still eats beneficial starches. In his meals there is always a balance between starch, protein and fat. According to the share of ”The Rock” in the magazine Muscle and Fitness, he also added glucosamine to help bones and joints, amino acids, and chondroitin to nourish cells. Every day he uses a bottle of protein powder solution. ”The Rock” drinks this water right after training.

Extreme diet and exercise of the muscular hero The Rock: Get up at 4am to eat 7 meals, load twice as many calories as the average person - Photo 2.

The Rock’s One Day Diet.Photo: Internet.

Here is the 7-meal-a-day diet of ”The Rock”:

– Meal 1: 300g cod, 2 eggs, 160g oatmeal porridge

– Meal 2: 230g cod, 340g sweet potato, 150g green vegetables

– Meal 3: 2 bowls of white rice, 230g of chicken, 150g of green vegetables

– Meal 4: 230 g of cod, 2 bowls of white rice, 150 g of green vegetables, 1 tablespoon of fish oil

– Meal 5: 230g beef, 340g baked potato, spinach salad

– Meal 6: 300g cod, 2 bowls of steamed rice, spinach salad

– Meal 7: 30 g casein protein, 10 egg whites, 150 g vegetables (onion, pepper, mushroom), 1 tablespoon fish oil

Extreme training regime

For someone with massive body mass, Dwayne Johnson has to work out every day and spend quality hours at the gym. ”The Rock” 6-day/week exercise program starts early in the morning. First, he spends 30-50 minutes on fat-burning exercises like cardio, then lifts weights for 90 minutes, with 2 45kg dumbbells. The star shared: “I like to practice when I catch the sun because my mind is fresh and not tired. At that time, I wear headphones to listen to music and focus 100% on training.” Thanks to that, he was able to overcome heavy exercises and his muscles became stronger and stronger after each training session.

For ”The Rock” training is exactly what he looks for at the start of the day. He loves physical training and doesn’t know what would happen to his body without it. “For me, exercise is meditation, yoga, climbing, cycling, therapy… all of them are Is one. I love exercise. Exercise makes me feel great,” shared The Rock.

Extreme diet and exercise of the muscular hero The Rock: Get up at 4 am to eat 7 meals, double the calories of the average person - Photo 3.

Dwayne Johnson works out every day and spends many quality hours at the gym.Photo: Internet.

Johnson also said that he only focuses on one part and then moves on to another, and his favorite part is calves. He only stopped doing leg exercises on the 7th day, the rest of the days he did leg exercises with a very strict regimen.

While the diet is little changed, ”The Rock” regularly changes up its training routine and tries new things for fun. He believes that all the exercises not only help him to have a beautiful appearance, but also need to fully transform into a character in each movie.

In addition, ”The Rock” implements a training regime in the shape of a pyramid. Initially, he practiced with a training regimen with a number of repetitions per set, but the weight of the machine and equipment was low. After that, he gradually increased the weight every week but reduced the number of reps per set. After 1 month, he will start the regimen again with a high number of repetitions, and the weight of the machine is also high.

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