The Rock’s miserable past: Going abroad for food, being shunned by friends

Walking on Hollywood’s famous monument for more than 2 decades, the name Dwayne Johnson is one of the stars that impresses me not only by the muscular muscles of a wrestler, but also by the “weight” acting. all kinds of roles: from villain to protagonist, from comedy to action.

Poor childhood, shunned and ridiculed by friends

I think few people know that to get the image of The Rock today, Dwayne Johnson has experienced many tragedies in the past. He even had a mood disorder because he couldn’t follow his dream.

The Rock full name is Dwayne Douglas Johnson, is the son of Rocky Johnson, one of the big names in wrestling in the 70s – 80s, but wait! Don’t let this fool you, it doesn’t mean your family owns a huge fortune.

In fact, he has lived in 13 different US states. There was a time, in just 9 months, he lived in 3 different cities and according to what The Rock shared, I understand that it has shaped the character he is now.

He once shared with The Sydney Morning Herald that: “Moving a lot meant that I, the only child in the family, had to quickly make friends. I don’t know what else and it was difficult but when I look back on it , it was the first step for me to learn how to connect with people.”

At the age of 14, his family was deported from Hawaii and went through a difficult time together because there was nowhere to go. Remember in 2018, Dwayne Johnson admitted that he once stole steaks from the grocery store because there was no way to buy them.

Even his elderly mother once tried to end her life because she was too tired, but then she still chose to live on and get stronger day by day.

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Looking at The Rock is always happy and energetic, but I don’t think anyone knows that he was shunned by friends and teachers when he went to school because of his “massive” body. At the age of 15, Dwayne was 1m9 tall, weighing more than 90kg. Because of this, the people around him always thought that he had an epidemic or an undercover cop, plotting to carry out some mission.

The journey to develop from wrestler to Hollywood star

I think normally everyone knows that, before hitting the Hollywood alley, “Scorpio King” used to “bruise” with injuries at wrestling matches organized by WWE. But before setting foot on that ring, he was a rugby player!

After graduating from high school, he received a full scholarship in football at the University of Miami, USA. Not long after flourishing, he suffered shoulder and back injuries that made his dream of becoming an athlete come to a dead end.

Did you know, in 1995, the 23-year-old man with a muscular body fell into emotional turmoil, just because his passion for his favorite sport was “broken”.

I think rugby is not only his passion for sports, but also the most appropriate money-making opportunity right now. Because according to an article I read, he used to play for the Calgary Stampeders club in Canada with an annual salary of $ 35,000. More or less, there was something to pay for a few fees and support livelihoods at that time.

Passion failed, everything seemed to push him to a standstill, even money to take a taxi home was not available, I think perhaps at that time, he realized that fate had brought him to follow his father’s karma – becoming an American wrestler.

Carrying the title of Rocky Maivia, he developed from a young amateur in small playgrounds and events, until officially became The Rock in the ring, participating in many different international tournaments and making great achievements. memorable historical milestone in WWE.

I think when he first embarked on the path of becoming a great wrestler, money was what he cared about the most, because at that time, a livelihood was what he needed to achieve. And gradually later, when I had a place in the wrestling world, I thought money was no longer a priority issue.

Instead, it is the martial spirit inherited from his father and grandfather, and the martial bloodline that has been ingrained in his mind, making him always see wrestling as a part of life.

And I remember that in the early 2000s, The Rock officially said goodbye to the ring and started a new journey with acting. Fortunately, his name is known by many people. In particular, I was extremely impressed and remembered his first role in The Mummy Returns (2001).

And not long after that, he began to receive his first role with a salary of up to $ 5.5 million (over 127 billion), when he played the main role in The Scorpion King . I think many people will think that The Rock’s acting in this movie is a stepping stone to help him develop in his future career. But I personally think that, without The Rock in the WWE arena, no one would know him so much.

Because more than anyone else, I was an audience member watching The Mummy Returns when I was young, and my dad said: “Watch this movie, there’s The Rock in smackdown” . That shows, his name in the WWE arena is too famous, so I think this is the stepping stone to help him become stronger when striding internationally, not only in acting.

Then I knew him as a real action star thanks to the movie The Rundown (2003) and gradually through other works like Walking Tall, The Game Plan, Get Smart, Jumanji, Skyscraper…

I estimate that up to now, Dwayne Johnson’s films have earned a total of more than 3.5 billion USD in the North American market and more than 10.5 billion USD from the global box office.

I see many people joking that you never allow yourself to rest. Maybe that’s right, because I think that every time he rests, he remembers his miserable, tragic past. Sometimes the “rock” of our house thinks that it is better to devote ourselves to the audience to remember, than to do nothing.

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Maybe that’s why I think he is always the champion in the hearts of the audience, without any Oscars to prove his strength. Because I personally feel that The Rock’s acting has never been popular with critics, except for the general audience.

Because they need a character that is real and charming enough, they don’t even need to remember the other characters. What they care about is what The Rock will be like when participating in this project.

Recently, I have seen many online newspapers reporting that The Rock is not afraid to “cosplay” into an ordinary person to participate in the preview screening of Black Adam. After finishing, he revealed his identity and asked those present to give honest feedback so that he and the film crew could learn from them.

I will not mention the opinion of the audience because everyone will have a different view, but in general, I see that he is willing to take the time to listen to the opinions of many viewers. Like critics at the preview, it is enough to demonstrate how “Scorpio King” is passionate about his project.

Sneaky in the movies, but in real life he’s a family man

As a father with 3 daughters, I think that maybe The Rock at the age of 14 never dared to dream of the future when holding a huge fortune with many movie projects. Moreover, for him, his family is still the source of encouragement behind helping him have more motivation in life.

Despite divorcing Dany Garcia in 2018, the two still consider each other friends and often share about their children. Currently, The Rock is living a full life with his wife Lauren Hashian and has 2 more beautiful princesses.

I see that no matter how tough or rigid he is on screen, when he comes home to his “roof” is his wife and 3 daughters. That shows that he is a billion-dollar star, but when he leaves the screen, Dwayne Johnson is still like any other ordinary father, gentle and caring for his family.

Even when the whole family was infected with covid, he did not hesitate to share this with domestic and foreign audiences, and did not forget to remind everyone to pay attention to measures. In addition, The Rock also said: “Be nice to people and make them feel good. People will always remember how you made them feel” .

Looking back at the whole way that The Rock has gone through, I see him as his name, is a strong, resilient rock and has never disappointed fans whether in the role of a wrestler or a wrestler. action actors in the Hollywood “hallway”.


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