“Lakers were on their a** like back pockets” – Kendrick Perkins’ hysterical take on Lakers-Warriors Game 3 

Kendrick Perkins had a hilarious take on the Golden State Warriors after their 127-97 blowout loss in Game 3 against the LA Lakers. Many believed the defending champions held the advantage over LA entering this contest, but Perkins believed LeBron James and Co. would come out on top.

Golden State Warriors vs LA Lakers - Game 3

Golden State Warriors vs LA Lakers - Game 3

The Warriors made significant adjustments in Game 2, which LA failed to decode, leading to their 27-point loss in that contest. It didn’t seem like they had any response to the Dubs’ offense. However, they turned the tide in Game 3 with a disciplined shift defensively.

Perkins lauded LAL after the game, tweeting:

“They said after Game 2 that the Warriors had the edge coming into Game 3 man the Lakers were on their ass like back pockets tonight defensively!!! Carry the hell on…”

Steph Curry and Co. drew Anthony Davis out of the paint in Game 2 through pick-and-rolls, creating open lanes to attack the rim. The Lakers navigated that threat with Davis ditching the drop coverage in those situations and providing more help to the perimeter defenders on ball screens.

He didn’t make that adjustment until later in the second quarter when the Lakers’ overturned an 11-point deficit. They went on a 30-8 run to close the first half and take an 11-point lead in the second half.

LeBron James and Co. outscored Steve Kerr’s men 36-18 in the second frame. LA’s momentum never died from that point on, as they limited the Dubs to only 49 points while dropping 68 in the final two quarters.

Warriors get into foul trouble as free throw disparity favors Lakers again

NBA says Lakers should've shot even more free throws vs. Warriors

The Golden State Warriors defense crumbled again after they allowed the LA Lakers to make 37 trips to the foul line. They limited the Lakers to only 17 free throw attempts in Game 2 but couldn’t replicate that disciplined effort again.

The Dubs, meanwhile, made only 17 FT attempts. LAL’s defense didn’t give away much to limit the defending champions from getting to the line. Steve Kerr’s men didn’t display much aggression, either, as they often settled for jump shots.

Anthony Davis was decisive again as he made four blocks. His presence altered the Dubs’ shots at the rim, similar to Game 1. Davis and company’s perimeter defense applied solid pressure to make deflections and steals that helped them get out in transition.

LA scored 27 points off 19 Warriors’ turnovers. They had 11 fastbreak points during the night. Curry and Co. also failed to shoot the ball well from deep, unlike Games 1 and 2. They knocked down 21 3-pointers apiece in those two games but could only make 13-of-44 shots from deep and 39.6% overall.

Game 4 is a must-win for Golden State. A loss would award LAL a commanding 3-1 series lead, which will be an uphill task for the Dubs to overcome against an experienced Laker team.

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