“They’re so old school that they’re becoming vintage” – NBA analyst appalled at LA Lakers’ success against Warriors

The Los Angeles Lakers used some unconventional basketball to pull off a stunning 104-101 victory in Game 4 against the Golden State Warriors. It’s a three-point shooting league and yet the Lakers beat one of the best shooting teams ever despite going 6 of 25 from behind the arc.

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Four

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Four

LA played through big man Anthony Davis in the paint like old school NBA basketball. They also got huge contributions from Lonnie Walkers, whose most of his shots were mid range jumpers. Only one of his six made shots were from three.

The midrange jumper was thought to be something of the past, but the Lakers are using it to their advantage.

FOX Sports commentator Colin Cowherd called out the Lakers and remains skeptical of their chances because of their old-school style.

“They’re so old school that they’re becoming vintage. They’re like Polaroids and trucker hats and vinyl records. This doesn’t make any sense,” said Cowherd.

He went on to point out how a team that cannot shoot should not be a favorite in today’s NBA.

“The Lakers are a team that can’t shoot. They have a rookie defensive head coach. They flipped their roster at the trade deadline. LeBron looks gassed and disappears for quarters. Anthony Davis is great, although he has bad halves,” said Cowherd.

LA Lakers odds to win the NBA title improve after win

The Lakers' odds to win 2023 NBA title are higher than expected

The Lakers are now listed as the second favorite to win the NBA title according to odds in Vegas. Cowherd is not convinced and says the Lakers have a lack of talent that should prevent them from the championship hype.

“Undrafted Austin Reaves and Lonnie Walker are lighting it up. It is not exactly Jordan’s Bulls or Kobe and Shaq on the Lakers,” said Cowherd. “The Lakers are so good defensively that it masks their deficiencies.”

Cowherd also criticized the Lakers for their age and does not think they have the legs to continue this playoff run.

“Anthony Davis offensively, looked tired. He was hiding,” said Cowherd.

He laid it on a bit more going after the 20-year veteran James.

“LeBron looks like a shot fighter for stretches,” said Cowherd. “If you get a couple of great quarters out of LeBron now, you take it,” said Cowherd.

“Are the Lakers so old that they have one great player in AD, LeBron past his prime and just a bunch of guys,” said Cowherd. “Right now they have one star and that is AD.”

Cowherd said this team is much different than the one that won the title in 2020. Despite being centered around Davis and James, these Lakers do not have the same makeup.

“In 2020 they were a better offensive team than this. But they were also 21st in shooting,” said Cowherd.

The Lakers will attempt to close out the Warriors in Game 5 on Wednesday in San Francisco.

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