“Give Me Three Days”: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Kept Female Superstar in the Dark for Three Days Before Casting Her in $41 Million Role

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has produced many movies and Fighting with My Family is one of his unique projects. It is a 2019 biographical sports comedy-drama film. It is based on the life of the former WWE star Paige, who now goes by the name Saraya in AEW. The movie depicts the very essence of her WWE journey.

Apart from the former WWE Divas Champion and Johnson, there is a third person who holds a special place in her heart for the movie, and it is WWE star Zelina Vega. This movie helped her to shine in WWE and brought out her talent for the world to see. And, of course, none of it would have been possible without ‘The Great One’.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson picked Zelina Vega for his movie

Zelina Vega recently sat down for an interview with SiriusXM Busted Open podcast. During the show, she reveals how DJ changed her life for good. She confessed she was on the verge of quitting her WWE dream due to constant rejection.

And then three days later, he provided her with a once-in-a-lifetime $41 million movie role opportunity. He asked her to play the role of AJ Lee. She said, “And I just feel like I’m down and out and I’m like, “Do I just give up at this point?” And his response was ‘Give me three days. I am working on something. Don’t give up.’ I said ok.”

On a side note, Paige made her main roster debut on 4/7/2014 RAW, the night after WrestleMania XXX. On the night, WWE Divas Championship AJ Lee challenged her to an impromptu match with her title on the line. Paige emerged victorious in her first match on the main roster winning the championship.

Thus, the current AEW star surprised the entire world by winning the title that night which marked the onset of her WWE career. Johnson was the one who informed Paige about her debut win storyline.

Coming back to Vega, this movie role gave a nudge to ‘Queen Zelina’s career, and her WWE journey started from there on.

Zelina Vega expresses her gratitude toward The Rock

During the interview, Vega also commented on how her wrestling career took a positive turn after ‘The Brahma Bull’ featured her in his movie. She said that she is thankful to him for providing her with the opportunity to kick-start her career in the Stamford-based promotion.

Zelina Vega is now set to face SmackDown Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley at Backlash this weekend in Puerto Rico.

From getting a foothold in WWE to challenging one of the top names in the women’s division, she owes it all to Johnson; she said. She didn’t forget to mention the fact that all this would have not happened if she had ignored him and quit before he had put his proposal forward.

Zelina Vega publicly backs unionisation after WWE release

“To go from that to being where I am now, had I given up three days prior, not said anything to him [Johnson] and not being able to live this dream that I have. It’s crazy how like these little things, that one thing had just changed, none of this would’ve happened. I owe a lot to him,” she confessed.

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