After Lamar Jackson’s $260 Million Deal, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s XFL Is Paying Their Highest Paid Player a Shockingly Less Amount

Dwayne Johnson is currently the 30% owner of the $3.5 billion worth Teremana Tequila and other successful ventures such as Zoa energy drinks, Seven Bucks Production, and XFL. XFL started as a direct competition to the NFL by Vince McMahon. However, after failing twice, Johnson bought it and relaunched it earlier this year.

The latest version of the XFL was launched this year to a grand reception. However, this time instead of being a competitor, XFL joined hands with the NFL to oversee the overall growth of football in the country. But the stark difference between the two leagues is evident from their financial status.

While Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens signed a huge contract of $52 million per year for a maximum of 5 years. The highest-paid athlete in the XFL gets paid significantly less amount. The Vegas Vipers of the XFL signed quarterback Brett Hundley for $200,000 per year to play for them.

A huge pay difference, however, could be justified by their viewership and popularity. While, NFL has been in the business for a long time, and has a major viewership, XFL is extremely new and only caters to a few niche audiences. However, Hundley should not be dejected by this. This in turn should work as a morale booster for him to do better, and earn that paycheck.

Dwayne Johnson’s XFL might witness a major expansion heading into the 2025 season

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The Brahma Bull of WWE bought XFL from its previous owner Vince McMahon for a sum of $15 million. The Rock took a major bet on the football league, but it turned out well, and he revamped the entire football scenario in the USA.

Recently, it was reported that XFL would undergo a major expansion heading into the 2025 season. XFL is pacing toward the conclusion of its inaugural season. And it already has team season tickets ready for the upcoming one.

As per a new report, Dwayne Johnson and the XFL already have 5 new locations and teams in their mind ready for the upcoming season. The five potential cities could be Nashville, Tennessee, Portland, Oregon, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Oklahoma City. San Diego and San Jose could also be found in the mix.

Despite poor television ratings at times, XFL might be heading towards a next season, and this time with a bigger crowd.

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