The Rock, Jason Statham and Vin Diesel can’t lose in a movie. The contract also limits the number of punches they can take

Although Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jason Statham and Vin Diesel have appeared in many famous films, they are united by the famous Fast and Furious series. Each of those named in the individual films acts as a practically invincible fighter, behind which one can look not only for the work of the screenwriters, but also for the contractual requirements of the individual stars.

The Rock, Jason Statham and Vin Diesel can't lose in a movie.  The contract also limits the number of punches they can take

The Wall Street Journal came up with interesting information, according to which The Rock, Statham and Diesel have in their contracts stipulated that they cannot lose any fight in the Fast and Furious series and can even determine how many punches their characters take.

“Each character has their moment and each of them is portrayed as a formidable opponent. Each of them is a hero to someone, and we don’t forget that,” a spokesperson for Universal Pictures TWSJ quotes . An example is the scene from Fast Five (2011) where Vin Diesel throws The Rock’s character over a wall. A short while later, however, The Rock does the same process with Diesel, and the actors are at least momentarily happy.

The Rock, Jason Statham a Vin Diesel nemohou ve filmu prohrát. Smlouva  omezuje také počet úderů, které inkasují |

This fact can have a really different effect in the eyes of the beholder. Someone will laugh at this, others may feel that the named trio has too much ego. However, the biggest problem with their requirements seems to be especially the choreographer of the fight scenes , whose work is probably significantly restricted by such limits.

We do not know whether the actors apply similar contractual conditions for other films. Let’s remember that the relationship between The Rock and Vin Diesel started to get really heated during the shooting of the films . So it would be interesting if we got a glimpse of the specific terms of the contract that the pair set to make one of the pair look tougher than the other.

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