The Rock Got Ordained to Officiate a Wedding (Is It Yours?)

Sometimes press junkets are just the worst, and sometimes Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson agrees to officiate your wedding.

The Rock surprised a fan by officiating his wedding, remains a legend

The Rock teamed up with Screen Junkies to prank one of its correspondents, Nick Mundy, who thinks that he has to work on a bit with the Rock to promote his upcoming film, San Andreas (San Andreas hits theaters May 29).

Celebrity wedding officiants | Page Six

In fact, the Rock is there to both promote his new movie and officiate Mundy’s wedding to his fiancée, Dilara Karabas.

Celebrities Who've Officiated at Weddings

(He got officially ordained, so this is legit.)

His co-workers documented Mundy’s reaction as he went from having one of the worst days at work to the best day of his life.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Surprises a Super Fan by Officiating His Wedding  | Entertainment Tonight



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