Zendaya Finds Secret Look-alike in The Rock’s Daughter

The Internet is torn: Either Zendaya is an expert time traveler, or she has an adorable little doppelgänger. Those, apparently, are the only two possible explanations for how Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s daughter, Jasmine Lia, who will celebrate her second birthday this weekend, looks exactly like a tiny Zendaya.

Zendaya Found a Secret Lookalike in The Rock's Daughter | Glamour

People first took note of the uncanny resemblance at The Rock’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on Wednesday. Jasmine and her mom, The Rock’s longtime partner, Lauren Hashian, accompanied the Moana star to the ceremony, where he was honored with his very own star on the iconic pathway. According to People, The Rock picked up Jasmine partway through his speech to make a point about his life’s purpose. “The hard work, the work you put in with your own two hands — it all comes down to this. It all comes down to your family, and working hard to love and protect and do everything you can to make your family and the ones you love, their lives better,” he said, before Jasmine stole the show by telling her dad “I love you” into the mic. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

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As adorable as the father-daughter moment was, people were mostly enraptured by just how much little Jasmine looks like Zendaya. “When they do a Zendaya biopic we know who’ll play her childhood years,” one person tweeted, because we will definitely eventually need a biopic about Queen Z. Others pointed out that the look-alike situation means that Zendaya and The Rock can easily play daughter and dad in an award-winning comedy film. And a few more hypothesized that Jasmine and Zendaya aren’t two separate people at all, but one Zendaya time traveling back and forth, which, sure? Zendaya herself even commented on the #twinning situation, retweeting a few photos of Jasmine and adding, “OMG😍😍😩😩.”





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