Former NBA champion earns nearly 100 million USD by throwing 3 points

Despite not being a superstar in his playing days, Mike Miller still earned nearly $100 million thanks to his 3-point shooting skills.

Mike Miller was a regular player in the NBA and never reached the level of a superstar, but he always played an important role on every team he played for. He never had a complete set of basketball skills, according to experts in the field. However, he earned nearly $100 million during his 17-year career thanks to the “weapon” that every team needs: his three-point shooting ability.

Cuu vo dich NBA anh 1

Cuu vo dich NBA anh 1

Mike Miller earned nearly $100 million thanks to his special skill in shooting 3-pointers.

According to Spotrac, Miller earned $98.5 million over his 17-season career in the NBA. His excellent 3-point shooting ability is the factor that allowed him to play in the NBA for 17 seasons.

It is very rare for a player to have such a long career in the NBA if they are not a superstar. Maintaining a high-level 3-point shooting ability for a long period of time has made Miller always welcome by every team.

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If anyone asked Miller about his best skill, he would definitely answer that it is shooting 3-pointers. The former NBA champion has honed his 3-point shooting ability to a very high level.

“I have a lot of beautiful shots. If I successfully hit 6 or 7 three-pointers, I will continue to maintain that. Sometimes feeling the shots is more important than how to shoot,” Miller shared.

Three-point shooting is currently a popular trend in the NBA, even big men like Joel Embiid or Karl-Anthony Towns can do it well. However, about 10 years ago, the NBA had a different style of play.

Before the Golden State Warriors began to dominate the league, the trend was focused on mid-range shots or close-range attacks. Therefore, hitting three-pointers with high efficiency like Miller was a special skill in that era.

It’s interesting to know that Miller has never received a salary of more than 10 million USD in a season. Miller is one of the best three-point shooters of all time, but the highest salary he has ever received in a season is only 9.75 million USD.

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