The 3-time NBA champion basketball player almost had his leg amputated

Despite suffering four terrible injuries at the same time, Shaun Livingston miraculously returned to play at a high level for another 14 seasons and ended his career with three NBA championships.

Shaun Livingston chan thuong nang anh 1

Shaun Livingston chan thuong nang anh 1

In 2007, Shaun Livingston suffered one of the worst injuries in basketball history, if not in sports. His left knee buckled after a landing foul while going for a layup. “My knee was completely dislocated, full of blood and pus. I couldn’t move it. It was stiff. It felt like I had a third leg,” Livingston told The Undefeated in 2016.

Shaun Livingston chan thuong nang anh 2

Livingston suffered a combination of injuries that included a torn anterior cruciate ligament, torn posterior cruciate ligament, torn medial collateral ligament, and two lateral meniscus tears. In other words, his left knee was completely destroyed. The injury was so severe that ESPNews had to issue a warning to TV viewers

Shaun Livingston chan thuong nang anh 3

Shaun Livingston chan thuong nang anh 3

Doctors even considered amputating part of Livingston’s left leg to prevent the knee from becoming gangrenous. His promising career was nearly over after that injury. Fortunately, Livingston did not have to have his leg amputated and was able to undergo surgery as normal. However, many medical experts believed that Livingston would lose his ability to play basketball after recovering from such a devastating injury.Shaun Livingston chan thuong nang anh 4

Livingston miraculously recovered after 16 months of hard work and rigorous training. However, the Los Angeles Clippers decided not to re-sign him. “This is the most severe knee injury a player can have. He may have to sit out for many years,” Clippers physical therapist Tony Daly told ESPN

Shaun Livingston chan thuong nang anh 6

Livingston began his “journeyman” career by playing for 8 different NBA teams in 11 seasons. He never quite lived up to his potential, as expected. However, he entered the twilight years of his career with glory when he joined the Golden State Warriors in 2014.

Shaun Livingston chan thuong nang anh 7

Livingston played a backup role for Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson at Oracle Arena. He achieved what many players strive for their entire careers, which is an NBA championship. Livingston won 3 NBA championships in 5 seasons with the Warriors.

Shaun Livingston chan thuong nang anh 8

Livingston’s story has become a source of inspiration for many generations of players who unfortunately suffer from serious injuries later on. “I want those who are unfortunate enough to suffer an injury to take my story as inspiration to stand up, be stronger and more determined,” Livingston shared with ESPN writer Marc J. Spears.

Shaun Livingston chan thuong nang anh 9

In September 2019, Livingston announced his retirement after 15 years of playing at the highest level. “After 15 years in the NBA, I am happy, sad, grateful and so many other emotions. It’s hard to put into words the feelings of trying and accomplishing my dreams,” Livingston shared on social media.

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