The Rock: From shunned, depressed past to Hollywood’s billion-dollar superstar

At the age of 48, Dwayne Johnson has an illustrious wrestling career, a huge movie fortune, a dream income and a happy home. However, few people know that in order to own the life as he is now, he has gone through what…When I went to school, I was shunned and depressed because I couldn’t pursue my dream

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was born in 1972 into a family with a tradition of wrestling. His father is Rocky Johnson – the first African-American wrestling champion and the male artist’s grandfather is chieftain Peter Maivia, a Samoan pioneer in wrestling.

The Rock’s muscular body at the age of 15


Growing up in such a special family, from a young age, the movie star  Jumanji  had a larger physique than her peers. At the age of 15, teenager Dwayne Johnson has grown to 1.9m tall, weighs more than 90kg with a muscular body, solid muscles. However, the appearance is like a “giant” that makes the years of going to school become a bad memory for the famous actor. The 48-year-old actor once shared that he was shunned by friends and even some teachers, hesitant to contact just because of his “massive” appearance. “When I went to a new school, people treated me like I had the plague and even stayed away from me because they mistook this tall guy for an undercover cop,” this muscular hero once confided.Not only was he shunned, The Rock’s teenage years continuously witnessed stress, worries and then turned into quarrels between parents because of the pressure of money. When Dwayne Johnson was 14 years old, the star’s family was deported from Hawaii and went through a difficult time because there was no place to go. In an acceptance speech in 2018, the actor admitted that he used to steal steaks from the grocery store because there was no way to buy them. The hit artist also revealed to the Daily Express that at the age of 15, he witnessed his mother trying to find death from extremes. However, in the end, she chose to continue living and tried to get out of the quagmire of fate.

Dwayne Johnson revealed that she went through a period of depression because she could not pursue her passion for rugby


Growing up, The Rock went through a period of sadness and despair due to not being able to follow the path she always wanted. Although born in a family with a tradition of wrestling, this artist has a strong passion for rugby. He was an excellent athlete in high school, was named on the football team of the University of Miami (USA) then was called up to the national team at the age of 19. However, his performance declined. Due to constant injuries, this star was removed from the squad. Although no longer had the opportunity to play at a high level, Dwayne Johnson still aspired to pursue a professional rugby career and join smaller teams, but struggled for a long time and ultimately still get the same ending.

This became a big shock to the cult actor, causing him to suffer from depression for a long time. “The dreams I once had were all shattered. No more playing football. It was the worst period of my life,” The Rock recalls.

Turn to wrestling and become a legend in the ring

Former wrestler Rocky Johnson is credited with turning his son to wrestling to become a legendary star in the ring


Putting aside his dream of football, the  Fast &  Furious star  was persuaded by his father, the famous former wrestler Rocky Johnson, to follow the wrestling path and train him to become a formidable fighter in the ring. Gradually, The Rock showed a rare talent in this subject. 1995 is considered a major turning point in the life of the powerful actor when he officially became a WWE fighter with the nickname Rocky Maivia, taken from the name of his father and grandfather to remind him of his roots.

From a boxer who only appeared in small events, Dwayne Johnson gradually attracted attention and received an invitation to participate in the program Survivor revolved around matches between professional wrestlers. After many years of “fighting” the boy Rocky Maivia suddenly became a strong, brave The Rock in the ring, where he showed off his dangerous blows, fast, strong and precise martial arts moves that are difficult to achieve. where can be confused. With a series of championships in many tournaments, this artist is considered one of the greatest professional wrestlers in history.

The Rock’s remarkable achievements in the ring made him a living legend of the wrestling village

Having spent the most glorious years as a wrestler, in 2004, Dwayne Johnson left the ring and focused on acting. Three years later, The Rock returned to this violent arena and has appeared sporadically as a wrestler ever since. Sharing about returning to the ring, The Rock once confided: “I come back not for money, not because I like to conquer but because I really love wrestling.” Perhaps it is the martial spirit inherited from his father and grandfather and the martial bloodline that has been ingrained in The Rock’s mind that makes this star undeniably a part of his life even though it is. was not his greatest passion.

Touch the cinema and become a billion-dollar Hollywood superstar

Dwayne Johnson with a strong image in The Scorpion King


In the early 2000s, the 48-year-old star decided to step away from the glory of his wrestling career to turn to acting and fortunately, this field continues to make his name famous around the world . The cult actor first appeared as an actor in  The Mummy Returns  ( The Mummy Returns ) released in 2001. Not long after his debut film, the actor continued to accept the invitation to participate in the project  The Scorpion King.  ( Scorpion King ). Although this is the first lead role in his acting career, an “infidels” like Dwayne Johnson received a salary of up to $ 5.5 million (more than 127 billion dong) – an income that so many actors have. professional must covet. Success of  the Scorpion King helped The Rock go deeper into the acting path, not long after, he was recognized by the audience as a real action star thanks to  The Rundown  (2003).

Remember, when he first started his career, Rolling Stone once had promising lines when it came to the Skyscraper star : “There is a sensitivity in The Rock that is very suitable for action movies. He will definitely become a real movie star.” This prestigious magazine was right because just a few years later, when it came to Dwayne Johnson, the public immediately remembered him as one of Hollywood’s top action superstars. The actor constantly stirs up the big screen with such names as: Walking tall, Doom, Gridiron Gang, The Game Plan, Get Smart, 2 parts Jumanji, Central intelligence , Pain & Gain, Skyscraper…

In the eyes of millions of viewers around the world, The Rock is exactly like its nickname: a strong, resilient rock that has never let fans down whether as a wrestler or an actor. action in “holy land” Hollywood


In particular, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is most loved thanks to his role as Luke Hobbs in the hit action series  Fast & Furious . In 2019, Luke Hobbs also has a separate movie with “rogue” Deckard Shaw (played by Jason Statham) called Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw . The work caused a global box office fever and grossed up to $ 760.4 million. At the end of December, The Rock continued to land on the big screen with Jumanji: The Next Level . The work has now owned $674.4 million in sales and shows no sign of stopping.

Dwayne Johnson is one of the most expensive action stars in Hollywood


To date, films starring Dwayne Johnson have grossed more than $3.5 billion in North America and more than $10.5 billion at the global box office. These talking numbers have put The Rock’s name on the list of the most expensive stars in box office history. Thanks to his participation in a series of hit works, the father of three owns a “terrible” salary from several million to tens of millions of dollars (not including the remuneration divided by film profits). In 2019, Forbes magazine   honored Dwayne Johnson as the highest-paid actor. Time also honored the actor in the list of 100 most influential people in the world 2019.Many viewers joked that Dwayne Johnson never seemed to let her film career rest. The audience can hardly forget the name The Rock when every year he appears on the big screen with several films. And 2020 is no exception when the actor will soon be busy with the filming schedule of The King , kicking off the sequel to Big Trouble in Little China , busy with the movie Red Notice and a series of new projects waiting in line. The 48-year-old actor has just joined DC’s superhero universe with the blockbuster Black Adam expected to “ship” in 2021.

The hit star of  Fast & Furious has a perfect home with a beautiful wife and beautiful children


In addition to a illustrious career, Dwayne Johnson’s private life also receives a lot of attention from fans. He once experienced a marriage breakdown with his first wife Dany Garcia and had a daughter together. Currently, The Rock is living a full life with his wife Lauren Hashian and has two more beautiful princesses. After 12 years together, he and his current partner just held a simple, cozy wedding in their hometown of Hawaii in August 2019. As a billion-dollar star, but when leaving the screen, Dwayne Johnson is still like any other ordinary father. He spends time playing with his children, taking care of his small home and enjoying trips filled with laughter with his family.


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