“The Rock” star refuses to host Emmy 2022- What’s behind that reason?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has finally revealed why he turned down an offer to be the host of the 2022 Emmy Awards.

According to Entertainment Tonight , Dwayne Johnson was offered to host the 74th annual event by the TV awards organizers, scheduled to take place on September 12, but he refused.

Emmys 2022: Why Dwayne Johnson Refused To Host The Awards This Year

“I am very honored to receive this offer from the organizers. But my schedule is full and cannot be arranged anymore. It is really a pity,” said the star of the “Fast and Furious” series. ” speak.

According to some sources from Deadline , the organizers of Emmy 2022 have planned to invite Chris Rock and Dwayne Johnson to be the two hosts of the event. However, Johnson was too busy with “Ego Death World Tour” as well as the schedule of filming an upcoming Netflix comedy. The current award show has not yet announced a presenter.

"The Rock" star  refused to host Emmy 2022 - Photo 1.

Dwayne Johnson is one of the most expensive action stars in Hollywood. (Photo: IG)

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Emmy Award nominations were announced earlier this week, with “Succession” earning the top nominations. The HBO series earned 25 nominations across all categories with “The White Lotus” and “Ted Lasso” taking second place with 20 nominations each.

“Squid Game” became the first non-English film to be nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series, following its massive success since its debut.

Chris Rock and Dwayne Johnson Approached to Host 2022 Emmys

For the channel, HBO received 140 nominations, up from the 130 it received last year. Netflix came in second with 105, a drop from last year’s 129.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was born in 1972 into a family with a tradition of wrestling. His father is Rocky Johnson – the first African-American wrestling champion and the male artist’s grandfather is chieftain Peter Maivia, a Samoan pioneer in wrestling.

In the early 2000s, the 48-year-old star decided to step away from the glory of his wrestling career to turn to acting and fortunately, this field continues to make his name famous around the world. The cult actor first appeared as an actor in The Mummy Returns (The Mummy Returns) released in 2001. Not long after his first film, the actor continued to accept the invitation to participate in the project The Scorpion King (Scorpion King) and achieved great success with this role.

Dwayne Johnson Reveals Why He Refused to Host the Prestigious Emmys 2022 -  FandomWire

To date, films starring Dwayne Johnson have grossed over $3.5 billion in total in North America and more than $10.5 billion at the global box office. These talking numbers have put The Rock’s name on the list of the most expensive stars in box office history.

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