Shock: Poor childhood, hard practice in exile before becoming a superstar “Scorpion King” – Success doesn’t come naturally

“Scorpion King” Dwayne Johnson (stage name The Rock) ranked second in the Top highest-paid actors in 2021 with an income of $ 50 million for his role in the movie Red One.

He is one of the richest and most successful actors in America today. However, wealth is not accidental.

Tragic past

Few people know that, before becoming rich and famous as now, The Rock’s life is full of loss, tragedy and can make him fall, but that past is the driving force that makes The Rock become so famous. stronger and more determined than ever.

The Rock was born into a family with a wrestler father. His father is Rocky Johnson, one of the big names in the wrestling scene in the 70s – 80s but that does not mean that The Rock family is rich. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Poor childhood, hard practice in exile before becoming a superstar Scorpion King - Photo 1.

Dwayne Johnson had to go through a lot of extreme training.

The Rock told The Sydney Morning Herald that, by the age of 13, he had lived in 13 different US states. There was a time, in just nine months, he lived in three different cities and according to what The Rock shared, that shaped the person he grew up.

“Moving a lot meant that I, the only child in the family, had to make friends quickly. I don’t know anything else and it was difficult but looking back, it was the first step for me to learn to connect. with everyone”.

According to The Rock, his father moved a lot and he was a strong, tough, tough man. When The Rock entered his teens, he suffered from poverty and things got worse and worse.

Poor childhood, hard practice in exile before becoming a superstar Scorpion King - Photo 2.

Although muscular and looks fierce, the actor loves his wife and children very much.

 Work hard to be perfect

The Rock started practicing at the age of 14. His family had been evicted from their apartment in Hawaii, USA, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. The actor considers his father an inspiration to practice with the wish that his family never have to go through such bad things.

The Rock said: “I really hate feeling helpless and never want that to happen again. So I practiced hard in the hope that one day my family would never have to worry about it. worry about getting kicked out of the house anymore.” Even in the present, the actor still has a fear that, one day, everything he has now will disappear.

Poor childhood, hard practice in exile before becoming a superstar Scorpion King - Photo 3.

Dwayne Johnson (stage name The Rock)

The Rock admitted in an interview that he used to suffer from depression and the illness stemmed from him and his family being evicted from their apartment.

“I was in a situation where I didn’t want to do anything or go anywhere. I cried constantly,” The Rock confided. At the same time, the actor had to witness his mother’s failed suicide and for him, it was the worst time of his life.

After hard work, The Rock has a perfect body with a height of 1.96 m and a weight of 100 kg. He was a professional wrestler before becoming a famous movie actor. The body of an athlete has become a trademark of The Rock and the actor said that his hard training to have a strong and muscular body like the present does not originate from any frivolous reason.

TIL Dwayne Johnson's First Acting Role was on 'That 70's Show' in which he  Played his Real-Life Father, Rocky Johnson : r/todayilearned

Difficult career

The muscular actor attended the University of Miami, USA after graduating from high school. The Rock won a full scholarship to football. Things were starting to take off, all his hard work seemed to be paying off when the actor suffered a serious shoulder injury that forced him to drop out of school in his freshman year. He briefly dropped out before going back to school to try one more time.

The Rock used to play for the Calgary Stampeders club in Canada with an annual salary of $ 35,000. He lives in a two-bedroom apartment with three teammates, eats noodles every day, and his bed is just a mattress he picked up outside a sleazy motel. After that, he was also kicked out of the club and had to return to Florida, USA.

Muere Rocky Johnson, papá de The Rock e ídolo de la lucha

When he returned to the US, The Rock even had to call his father to ask him to come pick him up because he couldn’t afford a taxi home. Having failed in a rugby career, The Rock continued to fall into a state of boredom and disappointment. “I was very miserable and depressed because I had nothing,” admitted The Rock.

After careful consideration, The Rock decided to become a wrestler like his father and the famous star said, “When I told my dad I wanted to be a wrestler, we had a big argument. I understand what he’s saying and I don’t have any good reason to think that I’m suitable for the sport.My father doesn’t want me to do it at all but I do anyway. flea markets and used car dealership parking lots. I try to make a name for myself and participate in big shows.”

From playing rugby to wrestling and doing stunts in movies, The Rock’s road has always been physically strenuous and he’s had a number of horrific injuries.

In an interview, the actor said he had suffered a severe shoulder injury that resulted in his arm and shoulder being completely separated and he had to undergo surgery. The Rock has also undergone five knee surgeries and torn a tendon. In addition, the actor also suffered a tear in the connection between the thigh muscle and the pelvis, an injury in the groin muscle, etc.

L'ironie est ..” : Dwayne Johnson s'étouffe en parlant de papa, Rocky  Johnson, pour son anniversaire

The current life

Contrary to the dusty and “ferocious” image in the movies, The Rock in real life is a well-mannered family man, devoted father of three daughters. The 50-year-old actor affirmed that he is a gentle person and he always takes care of his family members.

In addition, the famous actor is also a very friendly person who loves fans. The Rock said: “Be nice to people and make them feel good. People will always remember how you made them feel.”

During his 20-year career, The Rock has risen to the Top of A-list stars in Hollywood. It is estimated that the muscular actor has earned nearly $ 400 million over the years and The Rock is still quite modest about that.

He told Vanity Fair magazine that: “That was never my goal. My goal was just: ‘I don’t want to go bankrupt and I don’t want my family to go bankrupt anymore.’


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