The secret of youth in his forties of the sexiest man in the world

The Rock actor revealed his secret to youthfulness is using a cleanser, moisturizer and drinking tequila.

Dwayne Johnson or The Rock is one of the icons of the world fitness village and Hollywood action star. He not only has a solid body and outstanding strength, but also possesses an enviable appearance and was voted “the sexiest man in the world” in 2016.


The Rock is commented to be much younger than the age of 45. Photo: WP.

According to Men’s Health , The Rock is now younger than he was when he was 18. Sharing on his personal page, the action star revealed his secret is to regularly  use cleanser, moisturizer and drink tequila.

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In fact, the skin that wants to be young and healthy first needs to be clean. Use a daily face wash to help wash away all dirt, dead cells and bring back smoothness and freshness. In particular, you do not need to use too expensive cleansers, but you can buy popular brands containing beta hydroxy acid. The Rock revealed that his favorite cleanser costs only about 5 USD.


The Rock in his youth. Photo: Slate.

After the cleanser, the 45-year-old actor invested in a cream. He chooses a cream that provides a lot of moisture with nutrient-rich ingredients such as avocado and olive oil to prevent the skin from drying out, and at the same time to limit wrinkles.

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In addition to the two products suggested by The Rock, experts recommend that men use both sunscreen and eye cream. In addition, you can also occasionally treat yourself to a glass of tequila like The Rock does to keep the spirit young and refreshing.


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