The Rock Does Intense Workout At 2:30 A.M. After ‘Long, Long Day’: ‘Completely Rejuvenated’

When the rest of the world was headed to bed after a Saturday night out, Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson was hitting the gym to have ‘one of the best workouts’ ever.

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Not everyone decides to get swole in the middle of the night. But, then again, not everyone is like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. “230am Saturday night training,” Dwayne, 50, captioned an Apr. 11 video of him on the rowing machine. Soundtracked to Tech N9ne’s “Straight Out The Gate” (ft. Serj Tankian and Krizz Kaliko), the video shows the Black Adam star working up a sweat two hours after midnight. “Not my usual workout time, but it was just one of those long, long days where all kinds of unexpected sh*t gets throw at ya,” he wrote.


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“Body didn’t want to go train in the middle of the night – but that one tiny voice in my gut said you may not want to, but after a day like today, you sure as f*** need to,” he continued. “Honestly, I wound up having one of the best workouts. Completely rejuvenated and able to clear my head and energy. My adrenals were already at a 10, so in a way this was all very calming for me.” The Rock reflected that sometimes, we “gotta listen to that voice in our gut that says yes when the rest of our body is saying no.”

The Rock also recommended a “great burning superset” for people who want to try this workout at home or at their gym. “20 reps close grip row. 20 reps seated side laterals. Stretch and elongate those lat fibers.”

It seems that The Rock is getting into Maui shape since, on Apr. 3, he announced that Disney would film a live-action adaptation of their animated musical, Moana. During the Disney 2023 Annual Meeting of Shareholders Webcast, The Rock appeared in Hawaii to explain the importance of the movie to his Polynesian background. “The Pacific island and their culture inspired a very special story,” said The Rock, referring to Moana. The Rock will reprise his role in the film while producing the movie alongside Auli’i Carvalho, who voiced Moana in the animated movie.

While the titular role hasn’t been cast yet, Auli’i told HollywoodLife in a March 2020 interview that she would be OK with reprising her character or handing Moana off to another actress. “The film came out when I was sixteen, and I am nineteen now,” she said at the time.  I would be more than happy to see someone else play that role, and if it were to fall to me, I would do my absolute best as possible.”

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