“You’ve got to be delusional” – Kenny “The Jet” Smith believes Steph Curry and Co. can make a comeback

The Golden State Warriors, led by the remarkable Steph Curry, find themselves facing the daunting task of an almost improbable comeback in the 2023 playoffs. Despite holding a comfortable lead of 12-points during Game 4 against the Lakers, they faltered later on. This led to their defeat, putting them behind by three games to one. A high number of turnovers along with poor shooting resulted in their loss. Although Steph Curry recorded a triple-double, the Warriors couldn’t manage to win.

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Four

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Four

Kenny Smith, known for his insightful analysis and strong opinions, believes that the Warriors have what it takes to turn the tide with players like Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. In an interview with Undisputed, Kenny voiced his opinion of the Warriors.

While asking Kenny Smith, “Do you think the Warriors are done?”

“Well, you know what, 95% of the teams dare own. I think that’s the numerics I’ve been on the 5%, honestly, I’ve been on the team that was blessed to do it against Phoenix. The one thing the worries have gone for, they’re going home for Game 5.”

“You know when only 5,200 people have ever dawned the floor of the basketball floor in the NBA in 75 years, you got to be delusional and. But you have to have a delusional graduate and you have to believe there’s no way we can lose Game 5.”

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Kenny continued:

“All we have to do is win game six and then never win a Game 7 at our place. That’s how you think the the blessing for Golden State is Game 5 isn’t going back to Los Angeles.”

In 2016, when the Warriors were down three games to one against the powerful Oklahoma City Thunder, the Golden State Warriors pulled off a historic comeback to advance to the NBA Championship. However, they fell short during game seven of the NBA Finals that year. They squandered a hard-fought-for lead against the Cleveland Cavaliers

Steph Curry and Warriors Quest for an Improbable Comeback?

Sacramento Kings v Golden State Warriors

Sacramento Kings v Golden State Warriors

To mount a comeback, they will need an extraordinary effort in the next three games. The series now heads to the Bay Area, where the Warriors will have the opportunity to rally their home crowd and potentially turn the tide. It is a do-or-die situation, and the Lakers will be eager to close out the series.

However, as Smith suggests, the Warriors’ history of defying the odds and the exceptional talent of Steph Curry could work in their favor. While many may see their comeback hopes as delusional, it is precisely this kind of unwavering belief that fuels the underdogs in sports. Steph Curry and Co. will need possible matchups to fight the powerhouse Lakers in the Bay Area to keep their playoff hopes alive.

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