“He’s got a salary, a $140 million contract” – Stephen A. Smith lashes out at Jordan Poole for inconsistency

Jordan Poole and the Golden State Warriors find themselves one game away from elimination after being 3-1 down against the LA Lakers in the Western Conference semifinals. Poole has drawn the fire of ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith for inconsistency after signing a $140 million contract last offseason.

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Three

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Three

Poole’s performance in the series against the Lakers has been underwhelming. In Game 4, Poole played only 10 minutes without any impact on the floor, finishing with three rebounds and two assists for 0 points. Such numbers are far from what the Warriors expect from a player who recently signed a massive contract extension.

Smith’s frustration is understandable, considering the financial implications of Poole’s contract. He said:

“Last time I checked,… he wears a Golden State uniform just like the rest of the team. Last time I checked, he’s on the team bus. He gives, he’s in the team hotels. He gets that per diem. He gets those meals. He’s got a salary, a $140 million contract. He got his bag. Where the hell he been?”

The Warriors cannot afford to have a player perform below expectations while on such a lucrative contract, especially with key players like Draymond Green and Klay Thompson up for extensions in the near future.

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Jordan Poole’s Chances for redemption in upcoming games

Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings - Game 5

Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings – Game 5

The Warriors will have a longer break before the upcoming season if their playoff run is cut short by the Lakers. Poole may have the perfect opportunity during the extended break to deal with his shortcomings, improve his performance and return stronger in the future.

The Warriors must come together as a unit and defend home-court advantage as the Lakers travel to San Francisco for Game 5 in order to maintain their playoff hopes. Although Jordan Poole’s inconsistency is a legitimate worry, it’s important to keep in mind that basketball is a team sport and that the series’ result depends on the combined efforts of the entire roster.

In Game 5, Jordan Poole has the opportunity to dispel his detractors and prove why he deserves his sizable contract.

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