Fans troll Steph Curry after Golden State Warriors’ late-game disaster against LA Lakers

Sometimes it’s just your not day. That is what happened to Steph Curry on Monday night as the LA Lakers went 3-1 over the Golden State Warriors.

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Four

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Four

Curry went 3-14 from three and 12-30 field goal shooting. He did manage to bag 10 rebounds and 14 assists in his 13th triple-double of his career. Lebron James is an absolute demon when he has a 3-1 lead in the playoffs. Curry now has to do the reverse of 2016 and save the Warriors.

Steph Curry got quite the grilling on Twitter after the game finished:

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Steph Curry last 10 playoff games vs LeBron w/o KD on his team:

G3 2016 Finals: L

G4 2016 Finals: W

G5 2016 Finals: L

G6 2016 Finals: L

G7 2016 Finals: L

2021 Play-In: L

G1 2023 WCSF: L

G2 2023 WCSF: W

G3 2023 WCSF: L

G4 2023 WCSF: L

2-8 record

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The Warriors went 12-41 three-point shooting whilst they allowed the Lakers to get to the free throw line 20 times. The Lakers nailed all 20.

Curry missed a deep three with 20 seconds remaining. Bizarrely enough the Warriors were able to reclaim the ball with three seconds left, however, Curry made a big mistake and threw the ball out of bounds. Austin Reeves then ran out the clock and the Lakers are now 3-1 up in the series.

Steph Curry is 0-14 on shots to take the lead with 50 seconds left in a playoff game.

Where this leaves the Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Four

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers – Game Four

Game 5 will take place on May 10 in San Francisco. The Denver and Phoneix series is tied at two a piece and either team could be in the Western Conference finals.

The LA Lakers will go to the championship game if they win in San Francisco.

In the four games so far in this series. The Golden State Warriors are 67 out of 180 from threes in the series (37.22%) which is pretty solid.

The Warriors have 58 turnovers while the Lakers have 43 so far. 91 Personal fouls for the Warriors and 63 for the Lakers.

The big outlier in this series is the free throw shooting, Golden State is 36 out of 51 from the line, and the Lakers have shot double the number of free throws in four games, going 83 out of 103.

The Warriors will have to stop LA from getting easy points from the line if they have any shot to reclaim this series.

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